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Juddering At High Speeds

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I had my IS200 sport out on the open round for the fist time since I got it today, and as soon as it got to 85mph the car started juddering quite severely.

Does anyone know what the most likely cause of this would be? The car also veers to the right when braking, but I'm assuming this is just a matter of wheel alignment?


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Probably wheel balancing. Have the wheels been refurbished ? When I bought my IS200, the dealer had refurbed the wheels, but hadn't bothered getting the wheels balanced so it shook like a train at high speeds !

It would be well worth considering a trip to WIM to get your geometry setup properly, it will improve handling and eliminate any premature tyre wear issues. The factory geometry setup on the IS200 is very poor.

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As above - however the veering when braking could suggest a sticky front caliper. Check your wheels after a long run and see if one caliper is hotter than the others or if one caliper is producing noticeably more dust than the other.

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Many thanks guys. Will take it in to get the wheels balanced and see if it solves the problem.

hopefully it does mate. as hando said you need to check for a sticky caliper


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