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Bought A Headlight Lens Restoring Kit


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Got skeptic when i first opened the package and saw 3 sandpapers and a bottle of transparent fluid, but decided to try anyways.

First i put on some of the sanding fluid and started to sand my headlights with a p600 paper and then i washed the headlight and starded sanding again with a p1000 paper washed it again and finally started with the p2000 paper. Then i washed my headlight and wiped it dry and when i saw the result i almost started to cry, but then i did the final step and wiped with a tissue that came with the kit and the result.. GREAT! Comparison pictures here



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Now i have done my foglights to :heart:

i could do with some, who ever owned the car before me decided to spray then bumber with the lights still in and then tried sanding the paint off the lights :tsktsk: how stupid can you get

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a machine buff and some good cutting compound do the same peoples. :winky:

Agree. I used some of this and a Meguiars G220 and the lights came up brilliantly! Even used it on the rears, fogs, etc.

It made a world of difference! Glad your method worked too :)

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I've been reading about wet sanding for a while now and today I finally bought everything I need to restore all my lights.

Unfortunately I left the 800 and 1200 grit papers in the garage, so I just tried the 2000 paper and the polish. I need the 800 grit paper to remove the stone chips, but at least I managed to remove the yellow hazyness from my old fog lights.

This is what I used


And these are the first result. I will post a tutorial when I'm finished


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