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  1. I'm sure someone on here recommended these so I've gone with these on my GS: I've found the light output does deteriorate after about 12months so I've replaced them a few times now. Still WAY cheaper than what the main dealer wanted. Next time around may try a different brand though.
  2. One of them seem to be getting blocked. Tried cleaning but no luck. Has anyone replaced theirs? if so, any how-to guides available to how to take them out? Cheers, Noman
  3. Forget this and the potential issues. Get a GROM unit like I did. Provides bluetooth audio streaming (and via USB if you so wish) while retaining the standard bluetooth phone capability 🙂 Fairly easy to fit too. Any queries, just give me a shout.
  4. Good to hear! Fingers crossed indeed! One thing to note is that the bulbs I bought only lasted around 6months but the second lot last have been going around 9months. So may be worth while keeping a second set at hand...
  5. What did you actually replace? Mine was doing the same so I replaced both bulbs and problem was solved. If you have done this, it could well be the ballast(s). These must be quite expensive from dealers but could try the likes of ECP??
  6. Another +1 for Tony from me too. He should be able to sort out within the day but you would need to get there first thing - bit of a trek but he has always got a few Lexi in 😉
  7. For me I think it's good value. Got another 2 years put onto my GS just before it hit 10 years. When you consider breakdown is just about £200 a year alone, totally rely on the car and do a fair few miles a year (approx.25k) it worked. Her RX F Sport is due now so will be going for the 2 year option there too
  8. Hi Paul, That's very kind of you but can't seem to find a definitive 'yes' that MK2 ones can be fitted to MK3 cars 😞
  9. I’m after some to fit my mk3 (2009 GS300). Anyone have any recommendations as don’t want to spend too much... Bonus would be anyone having a set lying around that they would be willing to let go for a good price 😬 cheers, Noman
  10. Wow. You would think a lot of the front end would need changing to accommodate the "small" upgrade 😉
  11. It's your money and you will be the one driving it. If it fits with you and your own family it really doesn't matter. Just make sure that the car has been checked over and all the maintenance is up to date - they can still have big running costs...
  12. You have a 2007 model and comparing to a 2013 nav. A little harsh wouldn't you say? In built nav systems will always have their restrictions as they have to do other things as well - e.g. HVAC controls. If you don't want wires trailing on the dash you could be a little stuck. I use Google Maps on the phone and route the sound via the main unit using bluetooth audio streaming. One thing I did see is the VLINE module by GROM. May be worth a look but I *think* you could be looking around the £500 mark for it.
  13. Mine has around 115k so not any where near 'high mileage'. However, I appreciate things like suspension components need refreshing after certain time/mileage. It's the fact that Lexus don't sell JUST the small part on its own. It's very wrong. The rest of the hub isn't exactly a consumable item!
  14. Interesting you mention this. My GS300 just failed on the following: Nearside Rear Suspension component ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt bottom arm hub bush badly split (5.3.4 (b) (ii)) ...but they don't sell the item on its own. The whole hub needs to be replaced. Cost around £700 It's not covered under the official Lexus warranty that I have as the underwriters are arguing it's wear and tear. While I agree that actual item on the assembly has worn, the fact that Lexus only sell the WHOLE hub is quite frankly taking the michael... I'm currently fighting for a gesture of goodwill...
  15. This. Also used Tony. Top chap and always has a Lexus in getting some work down so is very experienced
  16. Like Linas said those systems will help a little...but it's all about the contact with the road/snow. So it mainly comes down to the types of tyres. My GS was (as expected) quite hopeless in the snow/ice when I had my decent but ultimately summer orientated tyres. Since then I switched to some all-seasons and so far so good. I'm not expecting to make the GS into some snow plough but to give it just enough traction and stability to get me out of a spot of bother.
  17. IMO there's a move to force people down the "rental" route where they pay X amount per month - regardless of the age of car. This kind of hides the "cost" of the vehicle. Depreciation wise - there are very, very few cars that are wouldn't show a similar profile..
  18. I would check the back boxes too and not just the Y point. Ultimately budget in getting a custom one built up as they will go. I went to Tony Banks in Leeds which quite a few folk here have also used. I bought a "CAT back" system, with OE looks and sound, for just under £500...
  19. I thought that was US spec only - euro folk have fog lights there??
  20. The "new" costs have risen so that hasn't helped things either when it comes to used. Like many other manufacturers I think they're pushing the PCP/PCH routes so the end user can be talked into continuing their monthly payments...
  21. Another vote for Blackvue. Nice and discreet and fit and forget it my experience. I had gone through a fair number prior to the Blackvue I have so it was a welcome relief to find something that was reliable.
  22. +1 for the extended warranty. Much more valuable. Asset protector? Presuming this is GAP/Return To Invoice (RTI) insurance? If so, check out the many other companies that do this. I went with ALA and their RTI version. Give them a call as they're always willing to do a deal. A decent detailer will be able to protect the paintwork a great deal better so be sure to have a look around for some near to where you are.