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Hello And Thanks!

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Hi there.

Firstly i would like to thank everyone on this forum for all the great info i found which helped no end in finding the right IS200 which i picked up today (my first Lexus) after viewing a whole lot of cars. I bought a black manual 2001 SE with cream half leathers with 56000 miles on the clock. It has not had a service (or at least the book has not been stamped) since 41000 miles, so after reading many praises for ABM on this forum i will be booking it in for its 60000 mile service a little early (once my bank balance has recovered :blush: ).

So on the to do list is check the cam belt, but im not sure where to find this and have not been able to find a picture of its location here so if someone could link me to a thread with a good picture, or post one i would be grateful. Also to do is clear the water from the headlamps but i think i should be fine on this one. Also the bonnet support arm has been totally broken from its hinge and supporting clip. I still have the arm, so any ideas on cost of the hinge and clip? I dont intend on fitting gas struts to the bonnet.

So far these are the only problems i have found that need attention, everything else seems to be in good working order. If there are any other checks i should do other than the usual checking of fluids levels, tyre pressures ect.... then please advise me.

Thanks again to all that contribute to this forum, the information is priceless!!

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hi and welcome.

just found a half leather black seat set on e bay for 130 pounds

maybe the cream is not looking so good or maybe you want black?

any how welcome and hope your lexus gives you many years of happy driving

here is a lexus for breaking so any bits you might need could be here

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