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Thought This Might Make You Giggle...

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About time a driving school had a bit of common sense.

What is better, learning to drive in a small diesel eurobox then getting into a big car when you have passed, or learning to drive in a big car then getting into a small car after passing.

Everybody should learn to drive in a big car, even better if they all have a manual gearbox and no power steering.

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I'm not sure if I'm giggling or what!

if you pass in an auto you can only drive an auto so I assume its for people who don't want to learn manual or maybe just as a "promo" thing for his driving school business.

It has to be, my wife only passed her test 2 years ago and can't drive my LS Insurance won't let her.

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That can't be a learner car, as above the insurance would cost a fortune surely.......

I agree though that learning to drive in a larger car could be beneficial, although an LS might be taking that a step too far :whistling:

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It is cheaper to insure as a learner than main driver though. Me ex had her son on her Ford Fiesta insurance as a learner for only a few quid extra a year. As soon as he passed his test and there was a danger of him driving on his own, they refused to insure him.

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My dad's a drivinmg instructor, the insuance on a driving school car even with a v8 and 260bhp is still far cheaper then normal insurance as the instructor will be in it and there very qualified etc and they'll have dual controls fitted (which in the case of autos is one extra big brake pedal in the passenger footwell, funny cause they charge more for them then the brake and clutch pedals they put in manuals, supply and demand at work I feel).

There was a driving school called first Lotus that used to use an elise to do lessons in, not a bad idea when you think how light they are and they only have a 1.8 engine so not actually that thirsty.

This came about because he said to me a while ago he was after a cheap auto so he could branch out into auto lessons and i said well you can get an LS for not much but the fuel bills will be higher although not hat different if your only doing 3k a year in it or you can spend more on a fiesta etc auto that'll use less fuel but won't scare off learners :lol: He went out somewhere for the day and rather then get lots of phone calls from out of his preferred area he took all the magnetic plates off his corsa and for a laugh i thought i'd stick them on my Lexus and photo it, if he had a spare set i'd stick them on the car when i go to the local shops and park up on the main street to generate some advertising as some above has sad it'd be a good publicity stunt :) It's getting LPG'd in 2 weeks so could even be economical:lol: (his fiesta is supposed to do 40mpg, the LS will cost about the same in fuel on LPG, although i'd say the biggest barrier to using one is 30-60mhp all feel about the same it's only the trees rushing by faster that let you know you've sped up).

Here they are in there natural habitat:-


The long black bit down the side of the car means you can't open the door on the LS because it goes over the gap between front and rear doors as it's for a 3 door corsa (he didn't see the point in paying extra for 2 doors he won't use often(the jokes on him now because they want the instructors to sit in the back on tests now)). He works in south Hampshire if anyone local knows someone who wants to learn to drive.

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easy as pie to learn to drive on.. it is an automatic after all

I saw 16 year old teenage girls driving round in 5.7 litre V8 grand cherokee's in the USA... automatic of course

Most learners are petrified of big cars. My wife has been driving years and found a Mazda 626 "too big". Her sister thinks a Focus is a "Big car". Big psychological barrier with car size. Auto or not. And again my wife "can't" drive an automatic. Won't even try. Psychological again. Theres a reason most driving school cars are Corsas and Saxos and whatnot.

Now in the USA they have roads wider than ours, way wider, way straighter and in many locations much less traffic (and in some way more) plus the average car size is much larger. So driving a big auto in the US is a different proposition to driving a large car here.

Now maybe there is a neat niche market for people who want to learn to drive in an LS400. In which case good luck to the chap doing this!

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