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Exhaust Tips

Dan E

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On my is200 the exhaust tip looks rust but its not just coloured lol, is there anything out there that will bring it up again? Or is there anyother better options out there?


Try some steel/wire wool, thats what I use, but I have the chrome exhaust trim, I don't know if thats what you have?

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Dan E,

From the pics you posted up of your car, yours won't have a chrome exhaust tip (as its an early SE). The chrome tip was fitted to the early Sport model, not the early SE's. The later cars (2001> I think) got stainless steel backboxes.

You could buy a chrome tip from Lexus years ago (for £30), but these are now discontined, meaning you can't get these new, but you can get 2nd ones off eBay (just keep a lookout), or measure the diameter of the exhaust pipe (80mm I think) and get a universal one off ebay/halfords etc.

I got a chrome exhuast tip from Lexus in 2008, they told me I just bought the last one in Lexus UK stock!

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