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What Is Going On With My Suspension/alignment

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I have had fitted for a few months now the BC coilovers with OZ Ultraleggera 18's ET35 with 225/40/18 tyres. Now the only side that is causing me any issues is the front drivers side, it always rubs and stuff so today i've had a look into it and have found that the whole wheel/assembly is poking right out of the arch. As suggested by another member the ride height at the front is 63.5cm and doesnt cause any problems at all on the left. Yes the two tyres on the front are different, Yoko Prada on passenger and Michellin pilot sport on drivers but i've calliper measured the height and walls and they are nowhere near as far apart as the picture demonstrates.

This is a pic of the car jacked up on drivers side


Now the passenger side, jacked up


Car sitting flat on drivers side


Flat on passenger


It doesnt take a genius to work out that there's something not quite right here, but what does require genious-like abilities is fixing it... What do i do...?

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it does appear to be sticking out far more in both situations. do you have any pics of a front on view as a top view doesnt give a great idea of whats happening.

initial thoughts are the camber is waaaayyy out on the drivers side, but then looking at the 3rd pic could it be possible that you have 1 wheel with a different offset???? hence the reuest for front on pics.

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I've taken some pics of the front, sorry on the poor quality, it's hard to see anything from this...

I measured the distance from the brake disc to the face of the wheel and both front sides are an equal distance - which would suggest to me that the offsets are correct?









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mmm drivers is sticking out far more than the other and it doesnt look like a camber issue - did you have any problems before putting the new wheels on?

worst case the car has hit something and knocked the suspension arms. swap the wheels over as suggested and report back

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