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The Car I Said I Would Keep Standard....

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well got the car all ready for the show tomorrow..all buffed then waxed...won it last year so ill see how i do this year..



well went to the show and got...............................................................






won first in most modified!!!!

the red camaro next to me won second..and it has over 800bhp

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well i said that was it........but it turns out its not i just bought a rear window spoiler....oh well hope the wife doesnt see this box

i do also had a new sticker i was going to show but theirs no point as i might need to remove it to fit the spoiler...

heres the do i keep it the same or wrap it in carbon???


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I'd say keep it the same colour, unless you have other parts of the car wrapped in carbon. Thats how I would do it anyway, depends what kinda look you're going for..

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well finally got round to fitting the window spoiler which i have now found out its a boot spoiler!!but hey ho looks better on the window...

cheers bash.....




ps sorry the cars a bit dirty its not moved in about 2 weeks..

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