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Fuel Gauge

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hi all

well few weeks ago i resetted the ecu and find that after the reset the fuel gauge was a bit on the high side

so i did again today


after ecu reset


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sorry i dont get what point your making in your message? is it just the difference your noticing... ? your fuel appears to be higher after the ECu reset? hmmm its probably just initially..possibly later just settles back to normal.

can i ask how you reset your ECU and why?


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to reset the short term memory of the ecu disconnect the Battery and reconnect, to remove long term memory disconnect for approx 10 mins, this should clear any stored faults

cant really see what resetting the ecu has on the fuel guage, the reading is dictated by the sender unit

either way, you still have the same physical amount in the tank

i assume you took the readings with the car sat in exactly the same place

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