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My New Car

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Well chaps its finally happened. picked my new car up a couple of weeks ago.



done a few little bits to it. ive done the dash and pieces of the interior in 3m carbon fibre and also the front kidney grills. i replaced the side grills with black grills. there a few other bits i intend to do. i recieved some depo darkened front indicators but they dont fit so i have to wait till they send the right ones. going to put a csl rear splitter on it and add a dvd player in the near future.

i was a bit sad to see the lexus go but i had it quite a few years with it. six infact. im sure the new owner will be signing up soon.

still going to keep my eye on what you guys are up to and maybe help some people out! thats if you dont mind a german car owner on here!! lol

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cheers boss.

no i sold it to a guy a few doors up from me.

so im going to see it everytime i leave my house! lol i must admit he's got a bit more enthusiasm with it than i had by the end. he took it straight off of me and polished it to death. i must admit it looks immaculate now!! lol

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