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Installing Boot Light

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My X reg IS 200 Sport came with no boot light and I want to fit a boot light and thought that if anyone had any idea how I can do it so it lights up automatic when I open the boot lid. Thanks for the any advise.

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Are you sure you have no boot light ? I'm certain the sport model infact all models has one.

Open your boot and bend down looking in and up at the rear of your boot.It's behind a small plastic mesh type cover.

It maybe that it's just your bulb that has blown.

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Trust me I checked, there are some IS with no boot light :duh: . I spent ages (while feeling stupid) looking in my boot trying to find the light bulb or even a socket. Even went to a Lexus dealer (feeling even more stupid) for them to look for almost 30 mins to say that there is no boot light, not even the wireing for a boot light (they looked very confused). That is when I found out from this forum that there are a few IS owners with no boot light.

So far my best idea is to put a LED strip in the boot connected to the inside cabin light so that it lights up when I unlock the car (for a few second) or open one of the door, but I dont know which wire to connect to and even then the boot light will not light up automaticly.

Does anyone know how the boot light is connected in a normal IS which I can try to copy into my IS?


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