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Help With Sot Lead

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My first post on here, and I am stuck...I am trying to fit a parrot CK3100 kit into my IS200SE (april 2005)- something which I have done dozens of times before in different cars without any problems. I bought the recommended lead from parrot (something-000005AA), however it doesn't appear to be compatible with my head unit connector for some reason. The back of my radio seems to have a single white plug which has a double row of 8-12 pins (continuous rows without any breaks or spaces between pins). Not one larger plug and one smaller plug as appears to be the case with the SOT supplied by parrot and recommended by most websites I have visited. I have Satnav in my car, and the head unit is the premium model (if that makes a difference). I think it is a six speaker version. I don't think there is an amplifier fitted (I did look behind the glove box but couldn't see anything that looked like an amp).

I'm assuming that the adaptor fits in behind the radio as with most there somewhere else the adaptor should go in the lexus? I have heard of people having to run some additional cabling for Lexus installs, although I don't understand why this should need to be done if there is easy access in behind the radio (which incidentally is very easy to get to compared to some cars).

Is it possible to get a compatible SOT, if it is simply case that I have the wrong one and does anyone know where to get one? part number? I've made up my own harness adapters for other cars before - can this be done with this car?

Advice would be appreciated.

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Hi there, I fitted a car kit to my car a few years ago and the lead connects to the amp, not the headunit. The amp is behind the glovebox, it's a real fiddle to get to and connect but you'll get there in the end :)

My Installation

THIS may help too, I didn't need it but in some cars you need to create a bit more room for access.

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Thanks Parthiban for your info and taking the time to reply. Your info has proven useful but I don't think I'm there yet - mostly due to the fact that the parrot doesn't look like it needs the additional autoleads telemute harness as this already comes in the box with the parrot. I've located the amplifier and managed to get to the cabling by squeezing my hand up from underneath the glove box and disconnecting the cables in the back of the amp to see what the plugs look like.

Can someone tell me if I get hold of the SOT-913 like this one and disconnect the output to the amplifier (which looks like it has the same plug as the one in the link, and is the bottom plug as fitted), and fit the above in line between existing plug and amp, is this all I pretty much need to do? As for the 12V ACC, I'm guessing I will need to get run a wire to a suitable connection point (i.e. cigarette lighter as Parthibans post suggested - which seems like a sensible place to tie in which is easy to get to etc)?

The Parrot has its own telemute box, so I don't think I'd need any more harness adaptors, etc. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Can anyone suggest?

Thanks Again.

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Yes that's all you'll need, the telemute I used was exactly the same as that, it was also Autoleads but at that time they didn't have this one that had ISO connections on the end. It only had a Nokia plug on the end so I had to do a bit of custom wiring.

As this one is all ISO, you won't need to do anything with the cig lighter, just plug it into the back of the amp, the amp cable into this harness, and the other end into the ISO of the Parrot. And it should be job done :)

By the way it wasn't 12V that I got from the cig lighter, it was the ignition sense so that it switched on and off with the key. But it looks like yours won't need this either unless the wire comes separately as mine did.

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Parthiban, again, thanks for all your help. I'm going to order up the correct SOT today and let parrot know that they have sent me the wrong lead.

Note to other people trying to do the same thing - be careful if trying to identify the cable off of Parrots website (and a lot of others as well, as I have noticed) - if your car has an amplifier fitted then the one parrot are recommending on their website (just now, at least for 2K5 IS200), i.e. Part No. PW000005AA, is a completely different type of lead. See previous post for correct part.

Thanks again.

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Glad you've got it sorted, yep it's a common error that's been done on here several times, the base model has no amp, the SE and Sport do but for some reason the manufacturers all assume the base model cable works for all.

Remember to post pics when you're done! :winky:

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