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I think owning a LS400 has started to make me paranoid, you know because its so quiet that any hint of a noise or jolt seems amplified where as in a 'normal' car you wouldnt think twice?

I need to be truthfull here and say that my mkIII is on 130,000 miles and im VERY lucky that the suspension doesnt make ANY noises, clonks/knocks/rattles, its tight, but at the thought of gaining clonks etc from wear I obviously take care to avoid rough surfaces and pot holes, this is where the paranoia seems to kick in, I dont know why but it feels like the LS400 isnt the 'magic carpet' style ride that it once was, and it feels harsh and firm. Now I am used to a firm car from the other that I own, MR2 with uprated suspension and many modifications, enough to break your teeth... but even still the lexus still feels a little harsh.

To my knowledge the lex is on standard suspension/bushes/wheels etc and doesnt look lowered...does it?


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I understand what you mean about little noises in a lexus,kinda part of the reason you even consider buying one is i think the fabled hushness as you woosh around which deservedly earned its reputation when the marque first came here - if you dont have any knocks or clunks to worry about it might be worth considering if the shocks are due for renewal - theyre the most likely part to be starting to wear and alter the feeling of comffort you describe - aalbeit i dont know how long 400 shocks usually last so could be wrong,and as you say you could be paranoid

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mines on 232k, it's on original shocks so far as i know and no problems, replaced front right spring last MOT, the only knock i have s the bump stops when the car is driuving down several of the horrible long gravel drveways/roads i have to do deliveries on.

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