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Help! Car Wont Start, Clicking Sound...


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Earlier today I changed the front passenger side brake caliper and now the car wont start, before the caliper change I had moved the car so it was working fine then but now it's not even turning over. All I get is a loud clicking sound, I've also noticed the interior lights are a bit dim although the radio works fine and lights on instrument panel are full brightness. I've had a look around and saw a guy with the exact same problem although he had a dead Battery. I've used a volt meter to check the Battery terminals and its 13~15volts so that cant be the problem, also checked the connections to the Battery and getting same voltage.

When I jacked up the car I used a trolley jack in the middle of the front axel, the problem to me seems like an electrical problem so I thought a lead has come loose or plug has come out etc but I've looked thoroughly and checked and everything seems fine. The starter motor isn't turning at all, it seems to get a bit of power then loose it completely then the clicking starts. If anyone could help that would be brilliant as it's important I need to use the car tommorrow :shutit:

**UPDATE: It's definately not enough power, the exterior lights are extremely dim and now the clicking has stopped and nothing happens at all apart from a relay from the main fuse box (HEAD LP/cyan coloured one) clicking away (different click from before) **

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