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Steering Geometry

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Guys, i have recently fitted £500 of Bridgestone Ruber to my 2005 Lexus IS300 Sportcross and had the alignment done at a highly recommended garage in Glasgow. I am too many hundreds of miles from Tony Bones and the only garage in scotland affiliated to WIM didn't have a clue about the Lexus issues when i spoke to them. Can anyone tell if these settings are ok, i don't want to find baldy tyres in a few thousand miles - There's a hell of a recession on in my house and my missus already thinks the car is a total extravagance. If it comes down to it i don't want to have to choose....... Thanks if anyone has any opinions. Ed in Glasgow

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yeah, but he will tell you if the settings are right... he's a member on the forum here (or you can go to the wim forums and sign up there and ask for a faster response) so you could PM him...

He's many miles from me as well, but there is a WIM affiliate in Edinburgh, and they should be aware of the Lexus setup issues, and if not the affiliation means they can just call up tony and ask him...

Or you can go to CLCL in Edinburgh who I'm told are very good as well (that's who set the geo on ormi's IS200 I think).

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