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I am ready to buy a used Rx300 sel - I was impressed and liked the quality and drive height. My father had is200 which i loved at the time.

Its advertised for £12,500 yr05 (good condition) with 19,000 miles on the clock. The guy who is selling said its needs a service and front pads replacing, also i could see alot of wear on the front left tyre. He said I could take it as sold as seen he could get it serviced, he said it would need about 1k of work (including service). It hasnt been serviced for 2 years. Does this sound like a good price?

I did offer £11000 as sold as seen, though he hasnt decided if he will get it serviced and mentioned it needed to go down the garage due to a brake recall. If he were to get the work done, he would have to take full asking price.

I have a young baby and require a big car with plenty of space, but with a bit of luxury hence why i am attracted to the rx!! I really liked the drive and comfort. I do not do too many miles, mainly at weekends so not worried about the petrol costs.

btw - the mrs loved it, though slightly wary of potential problems as I dont want to spend a fortune on maintainence/repairs.

Anyway, do you think its a good buy or can offer any advice/what to look out for when i see it again?



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Sounds like it could have been a bit neglected, at the very least get a AA inspection, or preferably a going over by a specialist in Lexus vehicles prior to purchase.

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Its a good buy I guess

Please let me know how you get on with buying this car,

I guess your are fully aware about all the potential issues/problem raised in this forum and ready to spend a fortune on maintainence/repairs.

Alternatively get a lexus extended warranty ...

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