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New Wheels And In Car System...


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Hi Guys,

I've had my Lexus IS200 for a couple of years now and I've decided it's time to start making some adjustments. I want to get some new wheels and In Car entertainment both are just standard at the moment. Any advice on what wheels others have got that look good and also what system to go for inside would be much appreciated.

I have an iphone/ipod so I want to connect those to the system. I've been looking at the double din equipment but I don't even know what that means!!

Any advice/help appreciated.


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Hi. I changed my sound system in my Lex a few months ago.

Double din means its a stereo head unit twice the size of a normal aftermarket stereo.

Ive just put a single din stereo in mine.

Its a pioneer with Bluetooth and full ipod control.

Got it second hand on ebay for £120.

Its an awesome head unit.

I have also installed a 12 inch sub in the boot and 2 amps.

one of them is a 4 channel and i replaced the rear speakers with 6X9 speakers using adaptor plates and kept the standard front speakers.

To install an after market head unit you will need a stereo bypass lead. The lead varies depending on what model of is200 you have. This loom adaptor converts the Lexus loom to standard iso. then you can connect any aftermarket head unit to the car.If you do not want to add an amp then the loom will allow you to use the standard speakers in the car with the new stereo.

you will also need the fascia plate adaptor. see link below

Whatever aftermarket head unit you use you will notice that the sound quality compared to the Lexus head unit is much better.

Look on ebay for yr iso loom adaptor.

My conversion took a while as i had to run a power lead to the boot to power my two amps.

But if yr just going to replace the head unit then its not a hard job.

Any more questions about this conversion then dont hesitate to ask


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I havent changed mine. They are the standard 5 spoke 17 inch ones. I had them painted and i like them. Im always getting good comments from people about them. They are metalic jet black and metalic Arctic Silver. Cost me £140 for them to be refurbed and painted. They really set my car off i think

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