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Hi there folks, ive been browsing the lexus owners club for a while now as for the past 2 years ive had my heart set on owning an is200 after driving my friends T reg automatic, they just seem so have everything you could want for in a car. 2 weeks ago I finally went out and bought a black is200 sport on an 2000 X reg with FLSH and 81k on the clock with all the previous MOTs and receipts for the sum of £2000!!! so now i can say i own one i thought id finally join the forum that helped me so much in my decisions on buying it, i must say i test drove a good few shockers before i found the right one but only because i knew what to look out for in a bad example thanks to the posts on here. So id like to thank all the members for putting all their experience and knowlege into this site to share with everyone and hopefully i can do the same after living with my car for a while too.

As for plans with the car, with it being 10 years old there is the usaul stone chipped bonnet which is geting resprayed for £70 and the wheels getting refurbed as they are flaking, going for gun metal grey for £40 each. Apart from that i think il keep it standard iv learnt my lesson as a youngster plundering thousands into french hachbacks, such a waste...!!!.

only complatnts with it are the cd played sometimes skips or gets error 1 but if i turn it off and on it usually fixes it, and also the whine in 2nd gear and also the clunk changing to 2nd, but from what i can gather this is normal. oh and a high pitched rattle what i thinks is the rear right hand side brake pad rattling inside the caliper so im ordering a set of mintex pads for the back 28 quid to my door.

well that about sums up my first 2 week with the car! ive got some picks of the car but id feel a bit silly posting them of my standard car when theres ones out their like ormi's!

thats me then!! sorry if iv rattled on a bit i tend to do that :)

looking forward to making some friends and contributing to the sites wealth of all things lexus knowlege!

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oh and a high pitched rattle what i thinks is the rear right hand side brake pad rattling inside the caliper so im ordering a set of mintex pads for the back 28 quid to my door.

Mine had exactly the same before I brought it off bro inlaw. Shims came loose on the N/S/R. had to replace the shim kit.

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Hi I am Dave a new member and I have just bought a is200 sportcross. Its black with a badly stone chipped bonnet,its on an 05 plate and I got it for £3200 which I thought was a bargain.It has FLSH and only one owner from new.I LOVE this motor except for the fuel consumption,it creams it,but I will live with that and at 56years old I am slowly resisting the temptation to take on every boy racer out there,but with all that GRUNT under the bonnet its hard.I want to put some 17"alloys on can anyone answer me if I put 17"alloys on what tyre size in low profile would look good and keep the speedo in sync,or does the speedo run off the gearbox.Any help would be good.

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