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was just wondering if anyone had changed the oil in there gear box? if so how hard/easy is it? The reason I ask is, the box seem's a little bit loud(clunky,) on gear changes especially when changing from 1ST-2ND. its 2001 is200 SE (manual)

Im not a mechanic, so could be something much worse, im hoping not though.

any ideas guys, cheers

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all the is200 model have the clunky gearbox from first to second and some also have a whine in 1st and 2nd too like mine :) . im a mechanic and drained my oil on a ramp . its a 24mm spanner you need and drain plug is at base of box and filler is on side of box drivers side . very tricky to refill box as very tight space , i used a pump we have in the workshop .

i refilled mine with motul 300v and some slick 50 but only made a slight difference so have now got some redline mt90 on its way as thats what us skyline owners use and it does the job . im getting it monday and will do it after work so will repost and let you know as ive been told the redline in an is200 does the job .

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