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My Is250 Sport Experiences

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Well It’s gone and I am so glad.

I picked the car up on the 23rd of March 07 (traded 21 April 11) and since then it has been back to the dealers more times than I can remember.

Here is a list of what I can remember for warranty I had done on my IS250 sport

• Drivers seat had a big knife mark down the back. apparently caused by the chap who took the plastic cover off seat when completing the PDI

• 1st attempt to rectify rattle problem from behind dash

• 2nd attempt to rectify rattle from behind dash

• DVD playback stopped working since 2nd attempt at fixing rattle

• DVD playback 2nd visit and Rattle 3 visit

• DVD playback and rattle 4th vist

• Sat Nav needed new ariel, stopped working

• 1st to 2nd gear notchy

• Clutch number 1

• Rattles from passenger side (glove box)

• New set of alloys due to corrosion

• 1st to 2nd gear notchy

• Clutch number 2

• Rattle from gear lever

• Heated front seats not working.

• 1st to 2nd gear notchy again

• Clutch number 3

• Rattles from behind Dash again

4th year of ownership out of warranty the clutch was on it’s way again, as so were the replacement alloys.

Replaced with this


BMW 123d M-Sport

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I feel for you and I have had mine for a year now, and I have forgotten the amount of times my car has been in and out of Lexus. Its a shame though lovely car but I personally dont think the techs in this country have the 'know how' or the knowledge to deal with issues.

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Sorry to hear your woes! I have a 2006 SEL auto version (had it for a year or so) - those rattles are there - but I'm going to live with them as I dont trust the dealers to pull the dash apart without destroying something else! There are some weird engine/gearbox noises when cold too but seems to settle down when warm though.

Your new car looks great - my friend has a similar model and has been very happy with it for the best part of the year! Good luck with it and enjoy!

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I have just sold my BMW Z4

If you look at the BMW forums (z4-forum etc) there are so many potential problems with them that you are just waiting for yours to pick up one of the problems

What do you have to do to get a reliable car these days???

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Bit unfortunate for you but I wouldn't think your second generation IS was typical. I had my IS250 SE-L auto from new (2005) and apart from the recalls and a motor on one door mirror, had no problems over the 5 years I owned it.

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