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thanks for this post.

interesting that in 3rd gear the power output is much lower than on 4th and 5th.

I own KTM990 Adventure, and this bike has "gear sensor" where on 1st, 2nd and 3rd the max power is decreased to pass loudness and emmision tests performed in EU.

Do you guys think this is the same matter?

PS: if we would take middle value of each line, we would get very nice power output lines - really impressive. However, there are big steps in very small RPM range - what is this? It looked like you had wheel spin on the dyno... or?

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cut dpf, close 5th injector. My car have not good consuption of fuel: highway 140 km/h - 8 L/100km, city: 11.5-13 L/100km. I think mu ecu have bug, need reflash it. FROM the schedule it is visible that the basic capacity of the engine 100kw~133hp the maximum capacity is reached in very narrow range (jump). I think my car has a problem.

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I'm still confused - if you have blocked off the exhaust gases to the EGR and re-routed to the exhaust gasses from the turbo, you are still using exhaust gases? Wouldn't it be better to connect to fresh air via a mini filter?

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Hi fonserg,

I have put a small oil breather filter on my crankcase and block the hole of the air intake.

There is a lot of smoke and oil coming out from the small filter, does this mean that my rings are gone?

Are you using an oil catch tank?





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I have started up in EGR pure air from turbo. To use Mini filter it is impossible because at movement with constant speed EGR opens and will lose pressure from an inlet collector.

How do you get pure air from the turbo (which uses exhaust gasses to drive it)?

If diverted to a separate intake, there will only be air when the EGR is open? But I guess there is potential for a vacuum problem on the intake. We need to know the definitive answer to DTC error codes being thrown if the EGR is port is blanked. I suppose the only way to find out definitively is to try it!

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Hi fonserg,

I'm interested to remove the dpf and close the 5th injector.

Could you give me some information about the pipe to be installed instead of the dpf ( a photo, where I can buy it, if it shall have the holes for the pressure/temperature sensors ), how to close the 5th injector and the brand of the emulator?

No problem with the turbo without the "load" represented by the dpf?

Thank you for your help.



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