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What Is A Fair Price For My Is200Se?

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I am looking to sell my IS200 SE to a family member and trying to get a fair price.

05 Plate Granite Sky IS 200 SE Auto 28,000 Miles Satnav 17inch wheels FSH for the first 3 years and serviced myself after. Good condition all round. I believe the very low mileage should bump up the price a little compared to the many high mileage cars on sale in the market. What would be a fair price according to your experience and knowledge please? I have been told Gbp4K but I see plenty of 03/04 plates with 60K+ miles going for that amount. Surely mine is more...



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You may have low miles... 28k is the lowest I've seen for years on a mk1 IS. Yours is also the limited edition SE LE is it not as it's a 2005 model? Fully loaded with full leather, sat nav etc...

The problem you have is that it's gonna be 2 generations old come next March so mk2 IS's will come down in price so you have to compete against that.

I think you'll get 5k for it if you can find someone who wants a mk1 and also people that do want a mk1 either look for a sport or the SE LE so that's in your favour.

Good luck, let us know what you get for it :)

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Share on other sites is the last IS 200 before they stopped them so not sure if that is Mk1...the 02/3 looked slightly different in the interior anyway. It is not Limited is the SE...the LE came in a bluey metallic colour I think. Yes, it is fully loaded with sat nav, electrics. 5 sounds about right to me...just checking some of the online guides adjusted for my low mileage!


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Yours is 100% a Mk1 or first generation. Yours may not be an LE then but is still fully loaded as Lexus wanted to shift these last MK1's before launching the MK2 or second generation IS250 in 2006.

IS200/300 are MK1/1st generation 1999-2005

IS200d/220d/250 are Mk2/2nd generation 2006-present

Mk3/3rd generation launching next March so the rumours say :)

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The thing is nobody who knows about Lexus is put off by high mileage. If a car has a full service history, especially a full Lexus service history then mileage sort of becomes irrelevant. I woukdnt be put off any Lexus if its under say 120k with full service history. A lot of people say a Lexus engine is like a fine wine, it gets better with age :)

I bet my 2001 IS200 with full Lexus service history on 93k miles drives as well as yours and is just as reliable etc :)

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The price of these is dropping by the day fella. If u want to sell then sell it soon or it'll literally not be worth it! You can get a 10 year old model with 100k on it for less than a grand! £4500 seems steep to me even if yours does have a crazy low mileage and is in mint condition. The other thing that lets yours down is the lack of service history. I'm sure you are more than competent of carrying out your own servicing but that doesn't hold any weight when trying to sell a car on.

Look at this thread, pretty much explains why you can get an IS200 so cheap!

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Any car is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it regardless of condition or mileage.

You can therefore keep the car for a few more years alhough it will be be worth much less selling it then, advertise it for sale in the likes of Autotrader and see if you get a better offer or sell it to the relative when it is at least kept in the family (you might want to buy it back one day!).

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If you can get £4.5k I would take it, there are loads of IS 200 on the market with reasonable mileage many 04/05 below 4k. Most above 4k are trade sales and I expect they will end up being sold near £4k? Supply and Demand

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