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Just moved to a new thread, thank for your reply Tony. The petrol cap fix has been successful on mine since September. I mentioned the filling the fuel tank because my problems seem to start the following day after refuelling, ie the cap I suspect worked loose. Incidentally, as I previously mentioned, I cannot take credit for this fix, it was PJS that put me on to it.

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Oh bugger, Tony have a look under Engine transmission heading......Vsc / slip indicator dated 17th November. That is the thread from which this info came re petrol cap. This to date has worked for I pushing my luck........what does the rubber seal on the petrol cap look like, is it compressed, as it should be a hollow tube, but when released it remains flat, that may still be your problem. I paid. 25 quid for a new cap, and so far so good. That may be worth try before the stealership land you with another big bill, cos if it is one of the ones you replaced, will they tell you that, not much profit in it for them.

Have a read of the thread and draw your own conclusion. As for me, mine is 6 yrs old in March, time to change me thinks, but like you I am wary of the Lexus sensor crap...........

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Got bored today. so removed petrol cap and this time completely removed rubber gasket and cleaned crap from behind it, cleaned gasket, appled vasoline to back and replaced gasket, then applied vasoline to face side and put cap back on. Didn't bother removing any Battery terminals.

Anyways made the short journey to asda for some fine Malbec, the lights still showing.....then after the shop started up and NO LIGHTS!!!

Will see if this continues......if it does the question is this....

Yesterday what would a diagnostic machine plugged in have found? sensor faulty maybe?.........and now with no lights on what would the diagnostic machine find?..............which then leads to the question....have I been raped by my Lexus dealer in the past?

Happy New year to everyone...and good luck.....I think we all will need it.

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Well far be it my to cast aspersions, but it does seem when the lights come, it is a licence for the stealership to print their own cheque. This has always been my contention, despite the wondful advances in vehicle electronics, and , you would hope the technicians that deal with problems, after we are informed they are extensively trained to provide the best care for your vehicle, may not delve into the problem cause, only to its solution. The OBD meter says this code, and they say that's the problem, this is the cure. I have to say, that ain't always the case. No one seems to address why the problem has occurred, ie the loose petrol cap will chuck up al the lights, and show oxygens sensors etc, but the loose petrol cap because of the leaking seal, will allow air into the pressurised system, which will set off the Xmas tree light. I do fully concede that I this is an educated guess on my part, and indeed other club members, but it does beg the question, if we, the untrained customer are aware of it, why aren't the fully trained technicians? This is indeed supported I would suggest by the fact that Lexus in the US have an upgraded rubber seal for the petrol cap because of the same problem.

It does make you wonder...........Happy new year Tony......take the chance and buy a new petrol cap!

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Well I think if you are satisfied that the petrol cap is on tight and sealed, unfortunately you could be looking down the barrel of the sensor fix. Just out of interest, if you take the petrol cap off, back on and tighten with two hands, when you restart, do the light go off?

If they do initially, but then later come back on, I would still consider the petrol cap. Failing that, are you with AA or Rac, call em out and have a diagnostic done, at least then you will have the code from the OBD meter. Do you know whether the fuel cap has ever been replaced? What is the year of your car, how many miles on the clock, some site reckon the sensors should last 100k miles, but I guess as our cars age, items will start to pack up, but being a Lexus it ain't cheap when they do. Best wishes Tony.

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