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Hello, new poster here!

Had Lexus for 16 years, two 300's and for the last 12 years a 400. Now looking for my next Lexus. (In a mad moment before Christmas I got a Merc, yuch, it has to go).

I am thinking of the 450H but I suppose like many people are wondering the Hybrid technology is robust with longevity, or will I be replacing the Battery pack at some stage, will the leccy motor start acting up, etc. I am probably seeking re-assurance :)

Anything to look out for on the 450H? Known problems/issues? Whats the real day to day petrol consumption, in the sense are the claimed figures realistic?

Many thanks if anyone with experience of them can offer some insights and suggestions.

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Hi, I own an early 2006 450h SE-L, 130k or near enough on the clock and (touch wood) the hybrid system has't given me any jip. Its been pretty faultless to be honest. For a car that has so much tech on it, its amazing how reliable it is! Still smooth to drive, goes like the proverbial off a shovel when you want it too and gives 0 emissions and fuel consumption when around town!

The hybrid system is good as it gives you extra power when you want to give it the welly! It only works solely on electric when under 40mph and you have to be very careful with the throttle too, but it promotes economical driving :)

I usually get around 30mpg +/- 2 or 3 mpg average on a long run. Its only a 60litre tank and the range on a tankful is usually around 340miles. Not the best but not the worst when you consider its a 3.5 litre petrol!

my lexus dealer told me that he'd only ever seen 1 or 2 batteries go down on a GS450h and you can replace them in individual cell's @ £100ish so they don't cost the earth :)

I love my car, very comfortable and suave :outforcount:

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Your not alone in being concerned about the Hybrid system, I think everyone who is thinking about buying one of these cars has this concern, but as said above, so far the Hybrid system has been very reliable, and there are a few owners on here with car’s with 100k miles +

My mileage on the MK3 was around the 28 mpg around town and up to 35mpg on a run, my new MK 4 is up to 35mpg around town, haven’t been on a long run yet.

Make sure you cheque out the boot space as this could be a concern depending on your circumstances.

The only major recall I can think of is the valve springs on 2007/8 models (I believe)

This is warranty work and I would have thought that all cars needing this work have had it done.

The 450h is a lovely car, very underrated in my opinion, but also a bit different, you don’t see many around.

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