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New Radiator Time!

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Hello all.

After 135k miles it looks like my radiator has given up. Having had a look at it, it doesn't look the most difficult job in the world.

I've been having a look and I know I need the type with the extra ports as it's an Auto gearbox model. However, there seems to be 16 and 25mm core models available. Do they differ in physical dimensions, or is one just a cheaper version than another?

Also, if anyone has any experience of changing these, particularly on an auto, any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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From reading past posts they are interchangeable.

My main consideration is the extra pipes on the auto model. Was wondering if they were oil pipes used as oil cooling (so a seperate section of the rad) or they're just extra water circuit to feed a water to oil heat exchanger as part of the gearbox.

So am I going to find ATF or coolant when I pull these two pipes?

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i changed the rad in my manual not hard to do at all ,the rad i put back in was a auto i just didnt use the bottom tank if you have a auto make sure you but a rad for an auto !

Drain rad - should be a drain plug at the bottom of the rad

undo all pipes and top 2 brackets

Lift old rad out

put new rad in

do up all pipes

fill with water and turn on engine with heaters on full

when water goes down top up till full do this for about 10 mins so there are no airlocks.

Job done have a beer.

* Not sure what is in the bottom pipes water or proper coolant for the A/T box.

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Thanks for that mate. Will attack it soon as it's getting worse.

I've come to the conclusion that the extra pipes are oil pipes as it combines as a radiator and oil cooler. So best remember to get a bit of ATF oil too to top that back up afterwards.

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Did mine on my IS200SE Auto 2 weeks ago.

Very easy to do.

Original thickness was 25mm, 16mm can be fitted which is the one I have used.

£80 from eBay delivered by courier the next day.

No problems whatsoever.

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Thin one was a manufacters upgrade to save manufacturing costs, same fitment and everything, does the same job, no less or more, unless you count it towards weight reduction, easy job, you can't go wrong. Just make sure you don't break any fan plugs or cable clips as at 135k, they will be brittle.

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Cheers for the advice folks.

Turns out it was a nice simple job to do and not much messing around.

I'd advise anyone doing it to fill the engine block first via the top hose before connecting it to the radiator and completely filling the system. With the car on ramps this meant I didn't get any air locks. Oh and the oil loss from the Auto gear box is very minimal, so only requires a squirt of replacement oil. Will be changing my oil soon anyway.

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thats a shame i didnt see this in time ive got a brand new 25mm core rad for a is200 with the auto connections that i bought and ended up with 2 for some reason , its just sat in my garage now.its a nippon type and its a perfect fit like for like with the lexus on i took off

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