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Hi All.

Here is what has been happening between my 2009 Lexus GS450h Sport, RRG Lexus Bolton and Lexus GB. This has been posted on another forum, before i even thought of signing up here :whistling:

I have a lexus gs 450h sport with adaptive variable suspension and active stabilizer suspension. i have been back to lexus bolton over 20 times over the last 2 years because of the drive, it's a long story but i the car was pulling all the time and steering where it wanted, i used to love driving the car as it was excellent and i could do speeds in it without worrying, Now i'm lucky if i hit 80 as it feels really insecure. They keep mentioning tyres and geometry and i am now on my third set of different tyres and had the geometry done myself at nigel llaings bolton (who i must say were excellent). the tyres and geometry did not make any difference so lexus have so far changed the front motor (£3000), steering column (£2500) rear motor (£4000) and steering angle sensor £?. Bolton had said they could not fix the problem and i would be better taking it to lexus carlisle where i bought it from. Since much complaining bolton are now bringing in a lexus area technician but i am worried as there will be him, the center principle, the after sales manager and the master technician in the meeting and i think they may be trying to bully me into thinking the car is ok. Peter at llaings suggested i contact this WIM for any help i can get. the car leans to one side on the rear and this can vary between 2mm and 30mm under the same conditions and no load. The pulling gets worse and it can be to the left or right after country roads or roundabouts even cause the problem.

Since this, the car was returned to Lexus Bolton for around the 15th time, while i was away on holiday. Here are the e-mails between myself and RRG Head office upon returning back from holiday.

This is the first letter that was sent to RRG Head office regarding getting the car back, in November, for around the X time of it being in

First Letter

Second Letter

Third Letter

The final phone conversation with Lexus GB regarding Lexus Bolton

Ann from RRG's responce - They refuse to communicate with me any further so i had to go through lexus gb
Lexus gb response was we can not make dealerships see you or carry out repairs that is down to the individual dealerships. (what is then the point of lexus gb) They spoke to ann and i was offered £170 for cancellation of the contract and £125 for a machine polish. I have since cancelled the service contract myself with the underwriters and received £260.07 back (£90 more than rrg offered), i have also had quotes on machine polishing and this ranges from £350-£500
Happy new year RRG & Lexus

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Wow .... sounds striking similar to the experience I received from Vauxhall a few years ago where they left me with no where to turn.

What goes around comes around so they say .... I had big problems with my Astra melting plugs and burning oil. After 8 months of hassle this LED me to part ex the car back to a Vauxhall dealer at a good price for my first Lexus 200. I bought a 250 after losing the 200 to flooding and have regretted it ever since.

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Shame lexus don't seam to care about customer. My dad's had a 2001 IS200, 2005 (from new) IS200, 2009 GS450H (from new) and now they won't even support him!

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This seems the typical main dealer service.

If they guess at swapping a few really expensive parts and it doesn't work,they give up and it's sod the owner!

This is not just Lexus as other people have posted with similar treatment

Whatever happened to motor engineers?

I think maufacturers have too many models and mechanics never get fully familiar with them all.

If the answer doesn't come up on the computer they are lost.

We don't need a mass of computers, apart from engine management, most things will work with

just a simple relay for switching things on and off, opening windows etc.

Now it all has to go through a £500 computer system, linked to three more with 20 IC's on each do the same thing.

Many a good car is now scrapped because some unnessary electronic gadget costs more than the car is worth,

or so called main dealers cannot fix them

Who said I was a Luddite!.....wait and see!

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Its too true. We even paid and downloaded the full servicing sheet on the GS450H. It showed how to test for different voltages between certain components etc.

Problem with the GS, it uses around 8 (i think) sensors to calculate what it wants to do with the suspension. For example, braking hard from high speed will use the dive sensor, and stiffen the front up, so it does not dive enough.

Shame RRG can only delete facebook posts, rather than set about fixing a car. A hell of a lot of guess work was used, he's now using some Dunlop tyres which produce more noise than the works van with a full roof rack on!

And yes Chris :whistling:

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A-MEN to that ROYT !

If the machine the cars plugged into says there's no fault then there's no fault ... apparently ??!!!

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