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  1. Hey guys, I've got holiday booked in Sept already so not sure if this will clash. If not hubby and I will be there with the GS300. Need something different otherwise it'll be the Lexus IS200 stand! B xx
  2. We had this on our IS too. Took it back to Lexus as it was still under warranty, they had to take it out and send to Japan to get it fixed. Was a bit of a shame to drive around with a huge hole in the centre console til we got it back though! Mum had a similar problem with hers too but hers wasn't bought from Lexus so she is just living without the cd now cause the rest of it still works.
  3. turn the wee button off and let her go its much more fun lol Hey there Mr Cool, You wouldn't be trying to persuade me to be dangerous I hope?! Hahaha B x
  4. p.s how imaginative are you guys with your car names?! Lol. x
  5. No charge. I just want to do my small part in helping you two get back the bonds of trust so easily lost through bad roads and costly repair bills. B x
  6. LMAO! OMG I really should read things more closely! I thought it was a bit of a shame to fall out with a car if you'd gone to the trouble of naming her! HAHAHA! Car counseling sessions are still available on request tho! :)
  7. Don't loose faith in Janet. - I wonder if you know how many times she's looked after you already? My little skid light pops on now and then just too remind me my car is looking out for me :) p.s if anyone else needs car counseling just write to me at Dear Bonita... Hehehe B x
  8. Thanks for the post Aido. The photos speak for themselves. B x
  9. Ummmm, not to put a spanner in the works and possibly earn another blush, but isn't 'sheep' a noun?!
  10. Hehehe. Glad I could help :) So long as that GS wasn't hiding anything sinister whoever won her has bagged a bargain! What other cars do you have? B x
  11. Oops missed the cult reference there! Doh :)
  12. Will check it out... Just one thing, isn't the plural of Lexus Lexus? You know, like sheep?! Lol. B x
  13. Ian has no idea what they're selling but he wants one. I was just wondering how they could keep their stilettos on! haha
  14. Thanks Aido. OMG Can't wait! Sawyer CANNOT die!
  15. Haha, very good :) Like the moves!
  16. are we talking rattles or creaks here? Mt GS creaks but only in the mornings when she's cold. when the car heats up she's perfect :)
  17. Hey, Great car, I had the sport version of this early GS. Unfortunately she won't be worth to much in today's market... Plus fuel wise you already know she'll be relatively thirsty (main reason for low value). Personally I'd look to pay around the £500 mark esp as this one isn't in top condition... My best advice is to check the radiator. The one I had i bought from a non lexus dealer and i checked everything except the radiator. It went after 3 months of ownership and the car was history! Let me know how you get on :) B x
  18. Thank you so so much everyone! We won! Yay! :):):)
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