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  1. Hi Steve hope your keeping well? Try Lordy on 07879378000 he breaks mk4s so might be able to help. All The Best Maurice
  2. Hi would just like to add my name to SVT services of Edinburgh . Great service and gave discount when mentioning Lexus owners club ! Was a tricky fix as had intermittent no sound to speakers , so wasn't convinced it was the amplifier - anyhow bit the bullet and sent it off to Chris at SVT , he is not a great fan of the Mark levinson amp , but was diligent in replicating the fault conditions and eventually found the problem. Now re installed in my face lift LS430 and sound is back to normality . So if you have sound problems and suspect the AMP I recommend SVT services .
  3. Hi I tried a few on mine a while back without joy, then took it to a friend who works on top end cars he had a Bosch Reader can't remember which model reader it was but it wouldn't be a cheap one knowing him. Also Mine was a Mk4 VVTi , some of the cheaper diagnostic readers may work on the earlier models but not on the MK4.
  4. Hi Steve A few years ago I listed on ebay a wooden steering wheel from a DHP Ls400 I was breaking, started the bidding at £50 [ which I would have been happy with ] finally sold for £160, crazy I know !!!! To be honest I prefer the leather steering wheel myself.
  5. Hi Steve Yes indeed. Helping a relative out I have located the rear light [ fingers crossed ] So its just the bumper now All The Best
  6. Hi Looking For LS430 Mk1 2002 Model Rear Bumper Rear passenger Side Indicator/lights Cluster Colour : silver / gold If you know of anyone breaking the early Ls430 in this colour please let me know Thanks in Advance Maurice 07957 530340
  7. Yes they are transferable, both front and rears I believe the spring part numbers differ but the springs look identical Maurice
  8. Hi Check Engine Light covers a multitude of faults, take the car to a garage with a good OBD2 diagnostic reader plugs in under the steering wheel [ lower down ]. Once you have the diagnostic reader plugged in a fault code will show, which will translate the problem - Normally Oxygen sensors. Good Luck Maurice
  9. Hi Maurice nice to hear from you are you still breaking ls 400s Mark Hi Mark will be breaking my own Mk4 shortly, Hate to admit that I have bought a Range Rover and the Lexus is just not getting used. All the Best Maurice
  10. If its the neutral start switch you are looking for it is under the car and is bolted to the side of the gearbox where the gear selector linkage bar is attached. if you require access to the selector solenoids again undo the linkage bar underneath the car [ nut and bolt ] and from inside the car 4 bolts [as far as I can remember ] then remove all attached loom wires and pull the selector mechanism up and out, You should now be able to work on a bench - just be careful if stripping this unit down as there are a few springs inside. Maurice
  11. Hi Steve As you know Ls400's are in my veins now...... All The Best Maurice
  12. Hi I replaced my Mk4 belt about a year ago, used Blue Print parts from my local motor factors [ most independant garages will do the same ] I also changed the idlers and the weighted belt tensioner and water pump, cost with discount was about £220 and all parts were good quality. I did the replacement myself and it was quite straight forward probably took about 5 - 6 hours in total. The one bit of advice I would recommend is to not to use a paper gasket for the water pump [ this was supplied with the blue print kit ]. As after all this mine had a slight coolant leak - so bought a metal gasket from Lexus about £5 and of course had to take everything off and do the job again. A good Independant should be able to do the cambelt but if you are competent mechanically you can do it yourself especially if you check all the on line help forums, the Tutorial on Lexls is for the earlier engine but there is another Tutorial out there with a step by step guide with pictures for the VVti engine as well. Maurice
  13. Hi Nick I would say this is the 4 speed transmission from a Mk3 95 - 97 as this sellers other parts listed are all " 97 Ls400 " but are all definitely from a mk3 Alan is correct with his info re yellow label and the vvti engine has the same gearbox from 97 - 2000 Always clarify with your seller that the parts are removed from a Built in Sat Nav Model with a VVTi engine Maurice
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