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  1. Brings back some meet memories inc TopGear studio . . . Good luck tracking her down
  2. Hi Chris Just returned myself - so welcome back. Andy
  3. OK let the mods commence - just done an intro in the new members forum ... Does anyone know if the IS250 LHD cars have the safety stickers all over the passenger side sun visor ? Keen to replace my stickered-up visor with a plain one. Just looked to Lexus showroom and it seems the RHD cars with white roof linings have stickered drivers side visors and the RHD cars with black roof linings have stickered passenger side visors. If I order a passenger side LHD visors will it come plain ? Any one tried this or are the any Euro members reading who know ? Many thanks in advance Andy
  4. AMH


    Hiya Just thought I had best return to the fold formally. Previously owned an IS200SE - then moved to RAV4 and MR2 - just purchased an IS250 Advance. Still got the other two but hoping the missus doesn't notice - lol. It's my first black car so wish me luck trying to get the swirls and scratches out !! Great to be back and enjoying the car so far - most impressed with the silent ride and surprising economy ... Andy
  5. Many thanks for the reply. The one I am looking at is Sept 11 so hopefully it's on halogens. Def only on 17" wheels though. Where is the headlight adjuster located so I know where to spot it ?
  6. Hiya Just looking to buy an IS250 Advance and have a few queries: a) Are the headlight halogens or HID - keen to keep future costs down so hoping halogen b) Is the road tax £270 / yr for the manual - saw some conflicting info suggesting £460 elsewhere c) How hard are black cars to keep looking pristine - bit nervous taking one on as my previous cars have been white and silver ones - very easy to keep looking good and I am properly fussy about scrathes and swirls d) Dealer is offering Guard X paint sealant - is this worth having ? e) Is there anything specific I need to look out for - only issue on test drive is slightly off centre steering wheel and well worn front tyres on both inner and outer edges (hopefully just alignment and pressures) f) Is there a definitive UK spec available showing the MY11 onwards details anywhere ? I had an IS200SE until 8 years ago and currently had an immaculate RAV4 Granite for the last 8 year - though it has just turned 100k miles and I think it's time for a change (though I may regret it if it snows again !!). Looking forward to joining you guys again - just want to make sure I am up to date on all the things to look out for before writing the cheque ... Andy
  7. Hey Folks I am seriously touched by you all remembering - in fact gobsmacked - thank you. Yes I do seem to be doing OK so far - in fact yesterday was my 2 year post bone marrow transplant anniversary (PBSCT to any Docs out there). The story following on from my last update on 11 June 06 is that the transplant went well - in fact it went so well I even avoided any of the infections or complications that normally occur - I was in isolation for just over 5 weeks - totally white environment with minimal visitors etc - it was pretty odd coming out into the crowded hospital corridors, seeing bright outdoor colours and the traffic after that long I can tell you. Went through loads of post transplant tests and wierd diet stuff whilst I was neutropeinic (no immune system initially) - if someone as much as sneezed near me I ran a mile !! I am now disease free though the Docs don't call it "remission" in my case as there is no known cure - just hopefully a very long stay of execution. They decribed the prognosis as "if you survive 2 yrs you are doing OK", "if you get to 5 yrs you are doing great" and the classic one "if you survive for 10 yrs there is a good chance you will die of something else" ... hey - nothing like looking on the bright side - I've just reached the 2 yr ribbon The NHS (Southampton General and QAH Portsmouth) have honestly been fantastic throughout the whole process - but you do need to enter into it all as a very educated patient (self researched via web etc) to ensure you are not fobbed off with lame info or not given all the options that do exist as opposed to those recommended by the bean counters etc. I am now back at work full time (Project Engineer for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) who were also fantastic in my time of need - full pay and job held open for the 9 months I was off in total - can't ever ask for better than that ... B) The support I have received from all friends and family has been overwhelming - and I include all you guys in that - it has all been very much appreciated and I can honestly say - having seen it from the other side as it were - that it does make the world of difference hearing some words of support. :D Perhaps the biggest effort throughout the whole experience so far has been the continual aim to remain positive and drive myself through the crappy times with the end goal of proving to myself that I can be a survivor - so far so good - just another 8 yrs to hit my next target. Although the Lexus has gone I am still kinda in the fold with an 04 RAV4 and 06 MR2 - hence my recent contact with Dave - you guys got me into modding on the Lexus now I just can't stop - lol. Be good one and all and live life to the full - you just never know what is round the corner. Will keep an eye on the next southern meets - would be great to see you all again - even if I will trail in a slower car ! Once again - thank you so much for all your support - and long memories :P
  8. Ta Dah ... Oops - double posted somehow - sorry !
  9. "Aligned to perfection" or "Aligned to total customer satisfaction"
  10. Hope you are having a good one ... :D
  11. Thank you once again for all the supporting comments - they really are much appreciated right now. Damer - please bars worked out OK. Maneesh - I am a Project Engineer for a large Pharma Co. too - plus I did 7 years managing new product introductions to EU and ECE - small world !! Geoffers - thank you for your message too. Best regards to all Andy.
  12. Quick update for those following the story so far ! Started chemo in Sept 05 and finished in Jan 06 - seem to have knocked the cancer back for a little while according to all the tests done (MRI / bone marrow / blood tests / cameras etc !). Did loads of research and know Mantle Cell will return - usually sooner rather than later so searched far and wide for any potential cures - even though officially there is none. Came across some US based stories of stem cell transplants being used to prolong life - so to cut a long story very short I am right now sat in Southampton General Hospital mid-way through a PBSCT (Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant) using my sister as a donor - it's a it like a bone marrow transplant but using the blood as the stem cell transfer method instead of actual bone marrow. I am now (so my consultant advised anyway) only the second reported case of hereditary mantle cell lymphoma in the world and the first to undergo a PBSCT using a related donor - is that scary or what ? Thanks must go to all those in the NHS that supported this experiment and with luck I will have completed the whole treatment cycle in under 12 months from original diagnosis (see first post date~) all that remains now is to see how long the new stem cells keep any cancers at bay ... Hope you don't mind the detail - just need your continued support I guess - hence the mail. Oh and 'cos I am in this isolation ward I get free telly (shame I don't really like football then - really !!) and I get to use my PC and mobile phone links etc with no aggro ... :D See you all at JAE next year I hope ... Andy.
  13. I have a set of roof bars for sale - paid £25 from a former LOC member a couple of years back - never used them myself (just got them in case I needed some) - yours for the same plus £5 postage and packing. If you are interested let me know and I will do some pics for you - never even unwrapped them !!
  14. Really sorry to hear your bad news - hope things take a turn for the better soon ...
  15. Call Meridian and ask for Duty Controller - see if they can't send you a copy - DVD or Video :D
  16. Hey - thanks - that has really made my day finding this thread :D :D
  17. Umm - sure you didn't mean the "football" damage mentioned earlier ????
  18. Re: donations - guessed you would stand by your principle - but it would only be voluntary and some folks like to be able to return the favour - even if only a token sum in the financial sense ...
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