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  1. Exact situation happened to me too at the garage, luckily it was late at night and the garage staff came out and pulled the lever while i opened with my nails/keys.
  2. Used to own an IS200, moved to an Audi A4 and want to move back to Lexus. Far superior cars, looking through the threads no reported issues (like oil consumption on Audi's!). However my only concern is the batterys for the hybrid aspect, I am looking at buying a used one that is about 2/3 years old. Anything I should look out for?
  3. I've actually seen two in Worcester, one a few weeks back at a CO-OP, if the guy hadn't had his family in the back I would have spoke to him about it. I think it was a white F-Sport model. I didn't even notice it was the new IS as when parked beside it, it actually looks like the old IS, only until I pulled back and saw the razor sharp rear lights I knew.. Also a grey one In Worcester too, for such a small *city* I thought two was a lot since I have seen 0 in Birmingham...
  4. Yes, if you get 2003> onwards fogs, you will have to cut the cables and manually touch them to the conenctors. It's a simple job... the only difference between the actual lamps is the connectors and the IS300 has a yellow filter on the projector. PIC of 2003 onwards fogs:
  5. Looks good m8, I bet everyone has a good look when you drive by, It was a lovely car to look at and drive.
  6. Shame, I was VERY close to buying AJ11, it's sold now... wondered if you had it. Drives so quiet!
  7. Got him some off Andy on here, sent them to him yesterday. Ian, is there any more? Sorry, didnt explain clearly, it was a member on here who was selling a set removed from his car. It's me, unfortunately no more sets left. However I have other bits and pieces that are going QUICK. Considering my car was undervalued by car stealerships I would have clawed back at least £750 on bits so far, and could even get £1,000 for the car if I wanted completely rid!
  8. Did actually consider a GS300, one thing that put me against it was the ones in my area were quite high mileage and expensive. Also don't under estimate the sheer length of the car, I thought my A4 was a average size compared to others on the lot, until I got it up the driveway! I rekon the GS has at least another foot on it too... absolute quality car though, fully loaded... If length is not an issue for you, then go for the GS otherwise stick to the IS250 for nippy town parking etc... Maybe something for you to consider from a different perspective.
  9. Car dealers won't give you more than a grand part ex... and good luck trying to sell independantly cos they are a bugga to sell... ended up giving mine to parents and they sold their punto... as I wasn't going to give it away to a dealer for a grand.. good luck. Don't waste your time with autotrader to sell, had it priced low and just had a load of timewasters, not one bothered to show up. Oh and you end up getting a tonne of Nigerian scammers email/text you... Could try ebay, although I have heard again there are lots of timewasters who don't turn up to pay for the car. So there is an added hassle of going through the whole ebay process to get it relisted and what not. You could however get lucky and sell it quickly, but be prepared to accept less than it's worth..
  10. Hold off for a while until the launch of the new IS in a couple of months, might find that dealers are wanting to clear old stock
  11. Are you looking for the matte black ones or silver?
  12. No they are the original reflector lenses, official toyota kit... the only projectors around are DIY jobs AFAIK
  13. Let me know via PM and can send you half a dozen pictures and my specific location/number - got the reciepts from toyota refurb too, they are in good nick and slightly a gunmetal colour but not much and doesn't look "boy racer"
  14. hahaha, well I might be selling of some bits and pieces, my 11 spoke alloys, chrome rings, altezza antenna... led number plate lights possibly my front sport grill... so we'll see. Giving the car to my mum and I'm sure she won't appreciate the tat I added as much as the guys here will! Oh and maybe my number plate too L80 OOL looks like LOOOOL with a screw in it edit: Black headlights + fogs also... Will make an official thread in buy/sell soon... pm w/offers welcome if you want to get in early and the price is right ;)
  15. I guess it's time to say goodbye to you guys after owning an IS200 for just over 2 years now. I've purchased an Audi A4 as I fancied a change... I'd like to say a big thanks to all of those for helping me with modifications and replacing the stereo of an ERR3 throughout my time on this forum.. I hope eventually to own the new IS in a few years when it has depreciated (I'm a tight wad).. Many thanks and all the best with the forum, this is a really warm place and you will be missed!! CIAO!
  16. Unless you want to collect mine in Worcestershire for £225 w/tyres then you can have these :D (I have just brought a new car and the IS is going eventually)
  17. Had mine done at Toyota Stourbridge @ £50 per wheel - they did a good job, however they are starting to chip away at the edges due to the number of potholes I hit daily in Birmingham... Give your local Toyota dealer a call they may be able to sort something for you..
  18. Post some pictures of the corrosion, the MOT certificate and the ebay sellers name. That way anyone who stumbles upon this page from google can know to avoid both!
  19. very nice, looks in top notch condition. especially the back seats, usually they turn all plasticy and crinkled.. And welcome to the group!
  20. Nice price and welcome to the forum, 140k is low miles if your after trouble-free motoring ;)
  21. The pattern more recently seems to be a news bulletin of a 5-6 rise, everyone complains saying they will go out of business etc. It drops by 2p and then another rise of 5-6p...Roughly meaning that petrol WILL rise by at least 10p a year.
  22. agreed, blue owner here myself
  23. Took mine to the IMO for the first time the other week, mainly to wash off the salts underneath and around the wheels. Amazing results, left a few marks though from the brushes. Good shine though for £6.50.
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