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  1. +1 for Cross Climates Got them on my IS300h - they compliment the Lexus ride perfectly. The missus has them on her RX - unstoppable in last year's little drop of snow and nice and quiet the rest of the year. Lexus should have a chat with Michelin and fit these as default tyres. They suit the UK weather and they suit the cars to a T (tee?).
  2. So sorry for you. Beautiful car - love that colour. I had my company car stolen a long time back. It was recovered, but it never felt the same after. Unfortunately, Mr Brooksbank's comments (from earlier post) are spot on: liberals and so-called 'eco people' have killed this wonderful country. Morons - the lot of them. <sips a bit more wine and calms down 😉>
  3. I did test drive one with air suspension. It was too floaty, like a bouncy castle. I didn't like it at all. In the end, I traded my much loved rx400h for an F-Sport 450h. Absolutely love it. The rx400h was a good car. The rx450h is a great car. Best decision I made this year...... so far!
  4. Thanks for your replies. I checked the vents while at the dealer and have determined these vents are not forced air. They merely duct air through the vehicle. Didn't stop me buying an F-Sport though! :D
  5. The 450h has vents behind the 'C' pillar, just in front of either side internal boot lights. My question is, are these just vents or are they part of the air conditioning system (i.e. blown air)? The reason for asking is on a hot day, for example, and one was carrying a dog in the boot, would the vents keep the dog cool? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the comments chaps. Off to test drive a 450h on Thursday.
  7. Folks, There has been much discussion about how poor the reversing lights are on the 400h - an otherwise great car. I am now thinking of upgrading my much loved 400h to a 450h (the missus doesn't like the sat nav on the 400h, or reversing it!). Has the reversing lights issue been solved on the 450h? By that, I mean is it possible to reverse safely in an unlit area without having to put the fog lights on and keep the brake lights on? Thanks, lexom
  8. The voice control is great fun, but also a source of massive entertainment. My 400h won't respond to me most of the time. However, as soon as the missus issues the same voice command, the car responds immediately and correctly. I am beginning to think my car is female!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I certainly won't lube the pistons - learnt that lesson a long time ago - the hard way! I'll monitor it for a while and get it checked if it gets any worse.
  10. First of all, apologies if this has been asked before - I did a quick search but didn't find an answer. I have noticed recently that the boot is closing a little slower on auto-close and also when manually closing it, it requires a little more effort to pull the boot door down to close it. I am no mechanic, but is this a sign that the gas struts need replacing? If so, is this a job that could be sorted with a little spanner work by a muppet (i.e. me)? Thanks for any help or guidance. Cheers, Lexom
  11. I live "in the sticks" and I like to "press on". The trip computer is typically showing 29mpg on A and B roads all year (I never switch the air-con off).
  12. I have tried all of these modifications. I have fitted LEDs and removed the light deflector. That alone was a vast improvement, but the light is not directed to the ground. As for the camera, I am told there is no Lexus night vision unit that will replace the existing reversing camera. I also understand that a suitable after market unit has not yet been found (the guy who fitted my after market parking sensors is still looking). So far, the best I can get in terms of reversing light is: fit LEDs, remove deflector, switch on rear fog lights and touch the brake a lot to switch on the brake lights. There is no street lighting where I live and this works well for me. Although reversing at night is a nuisance, it is the only niggle with an otherwise great car.
  13. I've taken the useless deflectors off the the reversing lights and there was a little improvement in backwards light. I then fitted some LEDs in place of the reversing bulbs. The LEDs are incredibly bright, but as already stated in this thread, the light is not directed at the road. The best solution I've found is to switch on the rear fog lights. Oh, and I also fitted after-market reversing sensors - just for some peace of mind. I think the 400h is a great car, but as I have no street lights where I live, I really hate reversing in it. Grrrr, Lexus!
  14. Welcome to the Lexus forums lexom :)