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  1. I'll do a post up but yeah as said will be a while as I'm moving real soon and baby takes most of my time ATM but I'm slowly getting there. Thanks for the offer buddy, I have a non f sport myself here and an f sport cluster to play with.
  2. I'm currently working on this, still in early stage but yes, f sport clusters can be fitted to non f sports. Physically the same, plugs the same as long as f sport clusters is from the same model year and edits. So say 13-14 14-16 17+ steering wheel buttons don't change on any model of 300h. Only if you have an advanced safety pack you get extra two buttons for acc and ldw regardless of trim. Anyways, once I figure out everything I will make a post. (Gonna be a while) I'll be able to program up the correct mileage, and options depending on your trim level.
  3. This is quite normal on these cars. Don't worry it ain't no mechanical fault, I did check the whole suspension when first experienced it. Cold weather, bigger flatter tires and tire brand can affect how much it does this. I had tire skip on full lock when I had 18" 8.5j wheel with oem bridgestone tires, changed to 17" tires and skipping almost went, now on winter tires and no tyre skip at all so there goes.
  4. That's a good point on the insurance front, hasn't crossed my mind tbf. If you do hit a pedestrian then yes I believe that could cause problems If they find out car was coming with this specific safety feature, and they would find out as system still gets triggered with this bypass method. And as far as I've gone into electrics on Lexus/Toyota there's no easy ways of disabling/mapping out any system that car came with from factory.
  5. If you totally want to stop this from happening the cheapest way to do this is unplug the struts that pop the hood and replace with blank plugs and 2.7ohm resistors. Car will still think that pop up hood system is there and on collision will trigger it. (I haven't looked in a way to map the system out completely, don't think it's possible as it's a safety thing) That will leave you with a message on instrument cluster that won't go away and crash data written in SRS ecu. What you do then is take apart the centre console (under armrest and storage box) is where the SRS ECU is located and send i
  6. I remember I had this one noise coming from the the hp fuel pump (on top of engine cover) but that was more like a high pitched chirping noise, either it fixed itself after around a month of being present or it helped that I used about more of premium fuel than usually. I did post about this on forums. Regards the other noise that's heard like a light whistling under moderate acceleration in first couple of seconds when pressing pedal (diesel turbo like sound) I believe that's something to do with the gearbox/electric motors or maybe even airflow somewhere on the intake side. Haven't located i
  7. Thanks man, just as I thought to do it. Where do you get these instructs Les from if no secret?
  8. Hey everybody, so here goes crazy, i believe i wont get much info on uk forums but worth a shot. I dropped down the headliner on my 300h as I'm gonna be installing atmosphere lighting in it, just wondering if it's worth attempting to get headliner out the car as that would make things a lot easier. Was thinking removing both front seats and console to get some room or is it a waste of time and windshield the only way without creasing the material? Thanks for any input and peace lexus fam✌️
  9. I know this is an old post but regarding TRC and making it go sideways idk but I've tried it and it does it just fine once tyres are a bit worn off, also to disable TRC fully you have to be in Park and press n hold the TRC button for a few seconds until TRC and pcs lights appear on the cluster. If you just press it once then it only allows for a wee wheel spin and kicks back in once it reaches 30mph. By no means it's fun to sideways such a cow of a car but doable
  10. I'll keep my winters till march or later this weather here can surprise when you least expect it. Just like snow storm @ Scottish borders on Tuesday. was a lot of it up there, but not enough for my 300h to struggle lol went to hunt the snow down and see what the car is capable of. Anybody saying Lexus is crap in snow is a tool, tires and know how to drive is enough to ram snow and even pull is200 on a strap up a hill lol
  11. Haha, you're not the only one. Last winter I put is200 stockies just because new winters on them. And to be honest didn't look all that bad, could do with some spacers but were alright and handled pretty well too haha and now running 2nd gen is250 wheels as I like them better than 300h premiers I had when I bought the car
  12. Well I'm sure if everybody with this issue would report to lexus they would do something about it. As so far seems every rhd car has this. Found photos of mine when i first saw it, offside sorta rusty, nearside clean, maybe just because theres allsorts of stuff in there. Mind my car is from London nowhere near sea. Even underbody hasnt got anywhere that much surface rust apart from exhaust.
  13. Just dont pay much attention to that battery indicator. Its got a mind of its own. When I got my car so many times i looked at it and sometimes driving on any type of roads it would just stay full, sometimes it would go down and up real quick, depends on the way you drive and loads of external factors i guess, like weather, temperature, hot or cold engine, fast driving or slow, too many to list.
  14. Yep, same on mine 2013 110k miles, not like much rust but definitely moisture trap, could be a design fault if so many are having this issue. Ive replaced the metal bracket and bolt as those had some surface rust and cleaned the sand/mud off the area. Might aswell put some extra anti corrosion treatment on that panel to prevent future rust issues.
  15. Same here on 63 is300h with techstream v12 i think. And xhorse vci cable. Not too much to customize.
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