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  1. Well I'm sure if everybody with this issue would report to lexus they would do something about it. As so far seems every rhd car has this. Found photos of mine when i first saw it, offside sorta rusty, nearside clean, maybe just because theres allsorts of stuff in there. Mind my car is from London nowhere near sea. Even underbody hasnt got anywhere that much surface rust apart from exhaust.
  2. Just dont pay much attention to that battery indicator. Its got a mind of its own. When I got my car so many times i looked at it and sometimes driving on any type of roads it would just stay full, sometimes it would go down and up real quick, depends on the way you drive and loads of external factors i guess, like weather, temperature, hot or cold engine, fast driving or slow, too many to list.
  3. Yep, same on mine 2013 110k miles, not like much rust but definitely moisture trap, could be a design fault if so many are having this issue. Ive replaced the metal bracket and bolt as those had some surface rust and cleaned the sand/mud off the area. Might aswell put some extra anti corrosion treatment on that panel to prevent future rust issues.
  4. Same here on 63 is300h with techstream v12 i think. And xhorse vci cable. Not too much to customize.
  5. Evening everyone. Wondering if anyone had anything like this happen to their 300h? I started getting this noise today, like high pitched chirp while engine is running and it seems to come from the fuel pump sender unit. Warm or cold start still there but im sure it just appeared today Tried to tap it and wobble it with hand to see if anythings loose but no. Car spec is 63 plate is300h 108k miles regulary serviced with genuine stuff, everyday driving, fuel used. Roughly 2 tank fulls of premium between 10 tankfulls of standard petrol. Oh and im now going trough second tank of bp ultimate petrol. Thanks in advance 20181213_203751.mp4
  6. I had a deeper look today, and i believe ive got a light assembly from lhd car or something and it has the led fog light inside the clear lens, and i see a very careful wiring going from the front end of the car to the light assembly, whoevers done it did a decent job at least in wiring. And because light units cant be easily taken apart ill try to source unit with reverse light for both sides to have proper light at the back.
  7. My v5 hasnt arrived yet but ill check it when i get it, will leave it for now, hopefully previous keeper has done it and will be able to tell me what needs doing. For now ill shop around for led reflectors to make them as rear fogs and will fit reverse lights in both clusters, kinda like the idea of capese21. Thanks a lot boys for help, appreciate much. I knew there will be a day when ill start messing about with this car lol Anybody knows a good, bright led bulbs for reverse or should i go with standard filament bulbs?
  8. I bought the car from a random dealer and apparently they dont have details of previous keeper. And thanks for the diagrams, ill see what i can do. Thanks a lot guys, will update if find where its messed up.
  9. Thanks for all the input guys, ill take the light assembly out tonight to see any trace of modded witing or anything. Regards ColinBarber post, had a look and yes mine look identical, both are led lights inside the clear lens so ,ust have been replaced for whatever reason. anyone got any diagrams regards reverse lights or relays where are they located? Ill check both footwells for anyh clues. Thanks
  10. Hey there, thanks for responses. I took off the trim to access light unit, it doesnt looks like anybody ever has fiddled with it, both sides look identical with identical wires coming to the bulbs. From the outside both light look the same.
  11. Hi there everybody! Just bought a second hand is300h 63 plate premier trim model. Well happy with the car, absolutely faultless apart from one weird issue. Ive read on many forums and everyones reporting they have one reversing light nearside and one rear fog light offside. Mine however when i turn on rear fog both clear lenses turn on red, but when i put car in reverse no reverse lights come on. Anybody ever seen or heard anything like this? Thanks in advance for any input.