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  1. Hi Martin Looks very nice, the ad says £4500 the screen price says £4000 so you know where to start negotiations from don't you. Jim
  2. Put me down for a switch Pete I like the sound but also the quiet of the LS. My indie keeps saying that I need a straight through, yea like that will happen
  3. Too heavy handed with the cracker bar, one broken wheel stud. Is it best to replace the 5 studs or just the one? don't mind the cost, just thinking about safety. Also is it safe to drive with only 4 studs holding wheel on. When getting the spare out of the boot found I had damp in there, so looks like the seal needs doing also (never rains but it pours)
  4. Think I would still prefer to flash my main beam, and get road rage when the slower car ignores my flashing like a demented demon. on a more serious note, I presume that both cars would have to have the feature switched on as it refers to a dash button. If not switched on in the slower car you would still have to resort to flashing like a demon.
  5. Hi Denis Yes that's the right one the phone number is 0121 796 2239
  6. Thanks Colin Shouldn't surprise me really, when I replaced bottom ball joints if memory serves they were around £125 for the pair adt/blueprint wanted £120 each. the wheel studs I just purchased from Lexus Birmingham at just under £50 for 10 delivered. My indie has looked at my brake discs and came to the conclusion that I am "anal" about the car, he says just to replace the pads as the discs will be fine for another 20,000 miles or more, so I will go by his judgement as I only do around 4000 miles a year. A tank full of petrol lasts me a month, so happy days appx £20 a week fuel bill, insurance works out around £5 a week. What other car of that quality could I drive for such a small amount of outlay
  7. Many thanks again Lee, interesting that without the extra work involved drilling or grooving the discs are same price. Still I'm happy with the price compares well to the prices on the bay. it's a bit of a gamble getting such things as brake parts from the bay, can never really be sure of the quality.
  8. Thanks Lee Thanks for the heads up on 10% discount code, would have missed that can't find how to edit basket to change to plain discs, begs the question what is best Grooved, drilled n grooved, dimpled n grooved or just drilled. bit of a minefield.
  9. Ordered 10 studs for the front wheels from Lexus Birmingham less than a fiver each. £7 each on the bay. Thinking that whilst my indie has the calipers and discs off I may as well replace them. looking on the bay there are many that claim to be the best? seems to be masses of rear discs and pads but limited amount of front discs, I don't really like the look of some with loads of holes for multiple fitting, they look like they are weakened with the amount of holes. has anyone got any recommendations as to make and or where to buy from
  10. Come on then Chris who's Tony Bones, must be a story there? Thanks Steve for the info, I tried a couple of Lexus dealers this afternoon but parts dept close early, only poor old salesmen have to work all afternoon.
  11. Hi John I am inclined to agree with what you say about airguns, I have watched them and they use the torque wrench after which just clicks without actually doing any tightening of the wheel nuts which indicates that the nuts are tight or over tightened. I will replace all the studs on that wheel and maybe all wheels (or my mechanic will) Hi Denis I understand what you are saying but need to use the LS for small journeys, so will have to drive like the old F**t that I am Pity the tyre was flat outside home or I could have got the AA out to change the wheel and blamed them for the stud. Found some studs at www.afcparts.co.uk £25.64 for 5 with shipping
  12. Hi Lee no it was with a 2foot long cracker bar but didn't seem to be much pressure to shear the bolt, so maybe metal fatigue as you say it's a 98 ls400, maybe best to order 5 new ones. Oh and another new tyre, the one I just shredded hasn't done more than 300 miles Hi Chris I do recall reading somewhere about boot seals, it looks in good order so the water must be creeping up and under the seal. will search and see whats involved. Thanks for your replies.
  13. Looking at LS400s on internet, Something struck me as not right. 3 ads in a row on Gumtree 1st one-----Green LS being sold in sparkhill for £1299 by Kashif Reg no W415 HFG With 110,000 on the clock 2nd one-----Green LS being sold in Acocks Green for £1299 by Muhammad Reg no W415 HFG With 110,000 on the clock 3rd one----- Green LS being sold in Sheffield for £1500 by Dean Reg no V748 VPN WITH 160,000 on the clock Now if you look at the fitments on the centre console on car 1 & 3 you will see they are the same and also look at the creases in the drivers seat the same. THIS LS HAS BEEN CLOCKED !!! and reg changed.
  14. On second looking Phil, I do agree. But at the same time the interior pictures are identical apart from the mats, the same connections on the console even the vacant one to the drivers side of the gear change, then look at the steering wheel at the bottom 2 strands of cotton same place everything matches inside vehicle, maybe someone has just pinched the photos.
  15. All I can say is it looks ace The wheels and clear suit that colour to a tee, it looks the business, Don't think the wheels would suit my mk4 jade green as well, but I still want some. on my wish list now :)
  16. Ls400 Trans 'slipping' When Cold

    Hi Shirish Forgot to add. If you disconnect the battery this trait does not appear strait away, I presume the gearbox needs to adapt to your driving again.
  17. Ls400 Trans 'slipping' When Cold

    Hi Shirish Can you recall did you stop at the traffic lights or just slow down, then put your foot down again?. Reason I ask is I have had my 400 for 3 years and it has done this since I bought it, not noticed at traffic lights but very noticeable when slowing and turning into a side road, put your foot down too hard and it kicks you in the back. Looking sometime ago on the usa site many posts on it, basically its a trait of the gearbox on the early mk4, gearbox confuses itself and can't decide which gear you need it to be in, but with your foot pressing harder the gearbox comes back to life with the 400 taking off rather rapid. I have learnt to just lightly touch the throttle when turning into side roads, almost too lightly sometimes. Have read about cleaning the TB and so forth but the views on the usa site were mixed to say the least as too wether it worked or not.
  18. Thanks Phil must admit I have pulled away with the footbrake on in the past, it does take a few yards to realise considering the power of the LS. I didn't think of wear on the shoes through this, but now you point it out it's obvious, better start looking for shoes aswell then. Haylands said that the 460 has electric operated brake, so will wear quicker as it will stay on until the car moves off, hmmm must put a lot of strain on all suspension components at the same time.
  19. Would handbrake shoes need replacing ?? They don't take any wear do they,? just hold the car in a stationary position when parked (if used) I am only asking as my mechanic says we will do rear discs and pads this year, told me to get discs and pads didn't mention shoes.
  20. MOT Pass!

    Well done, really is a nice feeling new MOT. Even if mine did fail I would still have a smile on my face on the journey home,
  21. Hi Alex You haven't pushed the VSC button have you and turned it off?
  22. Hi Peter It's looking really great, you don't waste any time do you. Only thing spoiling it....................................It;s not MINE
  23. I bet the other one has got an "R" on it (unless you have 2 left feet)
  24. Hi Shirish Looking at 5 together it would appear that way, but why would the holes be shaped more to one side? so it seems I did understood wrong then? see a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. I think they are over-priced at £600 sounds like the tyres are not up to much. I was at a breakers in birmingham mid last year and they had a couple of stacks of them all needing refurb but at around £50 a wheel and £35 per wheel refurb they were OK value but they wouldn't sell me set of 5 only 4 and I couldn't drive around with an odd spare. I suppose that by only selling 4 they get an extra set from every 4 sets. Sorry for miss-leading you. Jim
  25. Hi Shirish DHP wheels are nice, just a thought on that, to my understanding DHP wheels are handed Left and Right. I believe the holes are designed to direct airflow to the discs and are scooped out more to one side. I may have miss-understood my reading on this but that's how I understood it. Maybe someone will come and clarify or debunk my understanding. If so ensure you get a set 2 left and 2 right, but that then poses another question what about a spare? Jim