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  1. You have to be careful of those ISF owners.
  2. So do you have DAB as well? Weird that you're having issues, pre-facelift makes more sense.
  3. Pre-facelift or facelift? I have no issues whatsoever. Also did the contacts list in about 10 secs. Also have voice tags set up. Mines a 2010 facelift.
  4. d3ron


    Think this is in the wrong area. I'll flag it up for you.
  5. I lurked on here for years, learning as much about the great F unicorn as I could, before finally getting one. Didn't really have much to offer without owning one.
  6. Bit of a cheat really as I've done nothing to the car yet, until I get it touched up. But a nice bit of dew this morning.
  7. So an ESB 2010 59 plate ISF with white interior popped up a couple of days ago on Autotrader. Reg GV59 WCZ. I rang up this morning and drove the 70 odd miles to take a look and have a test drive. I've put a deposit down and pick it up next week. So after 3 years of dithering, looks like all being well I'll be joining the club properly.
  8. Great, can you pm me his details? I may be coming down your way soon, will be ringing Lexus coventry about sorting out a warranty.
  9. Not yet. I've been round his house about 4 times and he's not followed up. I'll get it sorted at some point. You in the same boat?
  10. Congrats, not too far away from me as well. I need my wheels done as well.
  11. This ISF has popped up for sale near by me, and I was wondering if it's former owner is on here. https://www.prestwoodgarage.com/used-lexus-is-stourbridge-west-midlands-1654547 It still has it's private plate on it and has the 'rarer' sunroof option.
  12. I'll do that in my other thread. @DarISF nicked the one from this thread before I got to it.
  13. Picked it up today. Wow, I'm impressed. Just need to get used to it, played with the paddles and it nearly spat me out out changing up on a damp road. Left in auto after that. So happy being back in a rwd auto again.
  14. Cheers. I have a car dealer in my close, and he says he uses a company that can do the same. They can code another key and revoke all other keys. I pick up the car tomorrow, so I'll see how it goes.
  15. @janey can you pin this one as well please?
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    New Poll & Itinerary - F-Up the Peaks & Dales

    Mod I'd expect. I'll flag your post. You may get banned. 😂
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    New Poll & Itinerary - F-Up the Peaks & Dales

    Should this thread be a sticky? Had to search to find it.
  18. I was pulled when I first had my incorrect spacing on my number plate, the moment I left birmingham. I've had it legal ever since.
  19. I've had one for years, in fact I've just retained it to go on my ISF on Sat. Had a quick look. If you're getting a 16 plate, may be worth buying it now and saving it for later. £399
  20. Dirty Merc thoughts have been dismissed. Went to look at one and it wasn't for me. Have a deposit on an ESB ISF which I'll pick up next Saturday.
  21. 😑hmm. Do I recall a different key? like a wafer card or something? Is that also an option? I would like a spare, but I'll absorb the cost.
  22. It's not a dealer it's a private sale, he's only ever had one key apparently. He's a nice guy, director of an IT software company. (I checked him out on Linkedin), and he's had it a couple of years. Normally you get a feeling with a sale, he seemed completely genuine, he's also replaced all four Bridgestones, replaced the radiator as he noticed a coolant leak, and has had new discs and brakes fitted by Lexus. I've just found the review on evo https://www.evo.co.uk/lexus/is/6815/lexus-is-f-road-test-review, I didn't realise it had an LSD.
  23. Wow! so it's had a quiet life then. 😂 At least it's famous. Felt really tight when I drove it. A few minor things I need to do, like the alloys and a couple of scuffs and refresh the headlight finish, but that's about it. Also how easy is it to get a 2nd key? It only has one. If you have any more pics that would be great!
  24. Well done. You live in that neck of the woods? You bought it before I could get to it. I'm sure someone @Big Rat will be along to offer you some stock wheels with decent rubber. I'm having dirty thoughts about a merc e500 cabrio. Need to decide if I want waft or performance.