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  1. lovely read - keep the updates coming 🙂
  2. lights attached. to be fair they don't look as bad as i thought, but seeing some pics of how shiny they can be makes me want to get them sorted
  3. next job - headlight restoration. anyone had theirs done professionally? or is it easy to do?
  4. noise level is fine, i've been driving round for a month with a missing silencer, so i can't really compare it to stock. but it's not intrusive. warranty info attached
  5. update on this, just had a full new exhaust from Tony Banks in Leeds - £650 fitted, 2 week waiting list. very happy with it 🙂
  6. so a little update on this car, it passed the 100k mark this weekend 🙂 jobs done: 4 new pirelli cinturato p7 tyres balancing & 4 wheel alignment latest sat nav disc (E1G) jobs need doing: new exhaust section (perhaps longlife?) - hole in rear silencer full service alignment/geometry setup - perhaps a trip to wheels in motion is needed here as the car is pulling slightly to the left number plate - any ideas on this please? i have a private 3x3 style plate to put on this. i don't like the larger rear plate and ideally i don't want to pierce the plates to mount them. anyone else using a number plate frame that fits using the existing mounting holes? and using adhesive tabs to mount the plate inside? any advice welcome on this. also advice welcome on plate suppliers that keep their postcode and other legal requirements small and to a minimum - or even, lexus plates? alloy wheel refurbishment - the wheels have all gone typical lexus - anyone got any ideas where to go in the north west (manchester) to get these refurbished? prices? possible privacy glass/tint for the rear windows chipped windscreen i was led into a false sense of security with the front demister button - i'd have thought this would be similar to Fords with heating elements in the screen, but it just puts the air con on max etc. gutted!
  7. just to point out, i don't really care, i was just making that information known. do with it what you will.
  8. the terrorism article is from 2004, so if the articles from 2016 when he was prosecuted say 36, the age would match.
  9. Regardless of what people who don't know me on the Internet might think, the fact remains that the name is the same - take from that what you will. no conclusions jumped to, or implied.
  10. Text from first link: Second prosecution lands Dudley car trader suspended prison sentence Posted on: 11/09/2019 #Dudley Trading Standards #prosecution Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email A Dudley car trader has received a 20 week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, after a second prosecution by Dudley Trading Standards. Umar Ijaz of St Michaels Grove, Dudley, trading as Lexuslegend, sold a mis-described vehicle using a false name and address and altered the advert after the sale. At Wolverhampton Magistrates Court on September 5 Ijaz pleaded guilty to five offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations. He also pleaded guilty to a Fraud Act offence, having admitted to altering the eBay advertisement for the Lexus shortly after purchase adding the statement “sold as spares or repairs and invoiced as such.” This prosecution followed a previous conviction for three trading standards offences in 2016 after the sale of an unroadworthy car. The court heard that the customer bought a Lexus LS430 for £1,750 after seeing an advert on eBay which claimed the car was a ‘fine drive’ and was ‘mechanically great.’ Both statements were removed from the advert after the sale. In fact the rear brake discs were found to be heavily corroded and the exhaust system had been repaired using a drinks can. The off side rear suspension was found to be 15mm lower than the near side rear suspension. Ijaz also altered the advert after purchase to read ‘the rear N/S suspension goes down overnight, but goes back up within seconds of starting.’ Ijaz was also ordered to pay costs of £1,000 and £115 victim surcharge. Councillor Nicolas Barlow, cabinet member for health & adult social care, said:
  11. the first link is from dudley council and gives info on the latest case discussed in this thread - i get no such threat warning. the second link may be interesting to some people as it contains a person with the same name as our lexuschap, from the same area, being suspected of terrorism offence
  12. also: