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  1. lexus bolton are taking my gs for full service and diag on check engine light, a week tomorrow though
  2. well, you could also try with a hacksaw and see if you can break down the surround enough to remove all the pins easily, then they should just slide in the new body. id get marking each wire up first though!
  3. can you not remove the existing wires and pins with a molex removal tool? probably most of those can be salvaged - then you'd just need to solder the broken ones.
  4. from a quick search, i'd say no - 030 is mk3 gs450h, 050 is mk4 gs450h
  5. no, but in the future if somebody was to, then they'd have this info straight away. if you cannot see the risks and why people choose not to take them, that's your problem. Stuart underline red words is spell checker, do they go away when you spell the word correctly (or finish typing it)>
  6. not have to explain the origins of such plate to other internet forum users?
  7. prevent data mining companies from having yet another piece of information they can use to target with?
  8. prevent hounding by other internet users/reg plate sites who may be interested in purchasing said plate?
  9. prevent (or lessen the probability) of malicious actors from cloning the plate if they have stolen green ls400?
  10. no senior moment, just a simple wrong way round error 🙂
  11. are you sure about this? 433mhz is the UK/Europe frequency with 315mhz for USA?
  12. yeah, if the thief had the key, they wouldn't need to clone it. what they really mean is clone the code from the key.
  13. the criminals have devices that relay the signal coming from your key, to another piece of equipment they have in the car once done, they can copy the code they relayed from your key into a blank key, and there you have it hi tech thievery