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  1. there is a sport model, which had a bodykit and other bits as standard
  2. Swindon catalytic converter thief was found dead under car
  3. lovely! do you have techstream? if not give me a shout, i'd be happy for you to borrow my dongle/cable and the required software
  4. ah yes, i had thought you meant you were waiting for the v5c with the new number on it - you DO need to wait for the v5c in your name. carry on 🙂
  5. have you already transferred the plate onto the vehicle (via online service)? if so then put them on the car, you don't need to wait for the v5 to be posted.
  6. oh that's absolutely disgusting. sorry to see this and hope everyone is okay!
  7. thanks guys. they do need a refurb, they are really scabby. but i need to attend to the air leakage issue first, as refurb will have to wait a couple of weeks.
  8. sheffield isn't too bad for me - i like driving the car 🙂 - whats the place called? what kind of price am i looking at?
  9. hopefully the chaps at Lang's will have enough time to sort all these issues, they are little niggly things that have been annoying me for a while! the alloys do need a proper refurb though, anyone know of anywhere I can get them done? so the list is: remove all tyres, check/file rims, check valves, re-fit, balance alignment, geometry and steering centre position joy!
  10. thanks Dave, i think the tyre is low though, i was wondering what could be the cause if not a slow puncture - could the tyre fitter have done something incorrectly? or could the rim be the problem?
  11. saturday I am taking the car to nigel langs in bolton, hopefully to correct the left pull, balancing, alignment and steering centre position. basically a full geo setup, hopefully. i have noticed recently my headlights flickering ever so slightly, its noticeable when pulled up behind someone in traffic - very annoying - anyone seen this problem? there doesn't appear to be much about it on these forums also my TPMS came on last night, am i right in thinking this happens when PSI drops to 20? I run 35 all round, and this is the second time this has happened. assuming i don't have a slow puncture, what else could cause this problem? car is fitted with pirelli p7 all round, only done in august just bought a vxdiag unit, going to check out the cars setup on techstream when that arrives keep on lexusing!
  12. IIRC, hold info and move from OFF to AUTO 3 times, you'll see the display change.
  13. my '98 ls400 had it, and it was the same gen nav as yours, i'm fairly certain it will have it - lots of interesting stuff to be found inside as well