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  1. USB Port

    If your plugged in USB port you don’t need to play music via Bluetooth, you can select the USB port and play direct of your phone.
  2. Well I just sat in the car and followed the video move for move and it worked exactly as described, the 3 flashes have been annoying me since I bought the car in March and I was going to have it changed by the dealer when the cars in for service in February. Happy days and thanks for the info. 👏
  3. Puncture repair

    Goodyear Eagles all round and as the tyres had only done 2000 miles max the tread depth has hardly worn.
  4. Had to leave the car at home with a flat tyre this morning, my question is when I get home from work can I use the supplied repair kit just to inflate the tyre without inserting the gunk so I can drive to local tyre centre?
  5. Puncture repair

    It was more or less on the sidewall so I had a new tyre fitted the following day. The tyre had only done about 2000 miles 🙈
  6. Servicing Costs

    When I asked my local Toyota dealer about servicing my Lexus they said no problem with the service but they can’t do the hybrid health check as Toyota and Lexus use completely different software if that’s the right word.
  7. Puncture repair

    Puncture was close to shoulder so RAC plugged it as a temporary repair and I’ll have to replace with a new tyre tomorrow, RAC service was brilliant 👍
  8. Puncture repair

    The compressor can’t be used just as an inflator, it has to be connected to the valve through the goo bottle and as I can’t see any sign of the offending object I have called RAC and hope they can help me out. At least the cars outside the house and I’m not stuck for getting to work as we have 2 cars.
  9. I had given up trying to connect my iPhone 6 with the personal hotspot as the car would find every wi fi signal I drove past on my way to work but not my phone. I followed your instructions and hey presto it worked straight away, thanks for the info. It is strange how it can't connect without that page open though.
  10. IS300H Rear seat belt alarm

    Surely the alarm should only go off if somebody is sat on the seat without buckling up. I had 2 passengers in the car last night and no alarms going off for the 2 unused rear seats.
  11. I have somehow managed to get ball point pen on my lovely leather seats, i have used Autoglym leather cleaner which removed the worst but i am still left with a stain. Does anybody have any tips how i might remove this
  12. IS300h Premier VED

    Surely they've got to reduce that list price as that £485 equals £1550 extra road tax. That's just throwing money away. You would have thought they would have done that before the new VED rates came in.
  13. Well this worked a treat, had to do it numerous times as per instructions as it had been there a few days but all gone now. 👍
  14. Well I've just ordered the ink stick, so I'll see how I get on with that.
  15. Wow, thats a quick response and looks worth a try. I'll see if i can source some online straight away. I'll let you know how i get on. Thanks again
  16. I have been trying to customise the image on start up and shut down screen following the instructions as per the navigation manual. I have loaded images onto a USB which are less than 10 MB in size, JPG format and in a folder named Image and copied from the USB as instructed but when i select the image it comes up with the broken image/incompatable symbol. Has anybody else done this succesfully or am i missing something
  17. Customise Image

    The iphone images are about 3MB, i had reduced the Nikon images to a similar size but they still would not work.
  18. Customise Image

    Well would you believe it the images i have been trying to copy have been taken with a very expensive Nikon SLR. So i had an idea and i thought i'd try some images from my iphone and guess what, they copied no problem.
  19. Customise Image

    No luck, jpeg straight from the camera exactly the same. Never mind I'll leave it for now and just enjoy the car 😎
  20. Customise Image

    They are jpeg converted from a RAW file original, I shall get my camera out and take some original jpegs and see if it will recognise them, thanks for the replies.
  21. Customise Image

    This is the image I get when I click copy from USB followed by this image when I select the image to be copied.
  22. Customise Image

    No it is showing the broken image symbol on the right hand side with the image files listed on the left hand side, it's just a list of the images and when I select one the broken image symbol pops up on the right hand side. Handbook says images can be up to 10mb in size and the 2 images I'm trying to copy are 4mb each. I think I gave you the impression that they are copying but they are not, they are just coming up in a list. I'll try again and if it fails I'll take a photo of the screen so you can see what I mean.
  23. Customise Image

    I have edited the file names to 4 letters, they are jpeg approx 4mb in size and the USB is FAT32. The folder name is Image as per Navigation manual, when i go to customise image/copy from USB the images appear correct so its copying them alright its only when i click on them to select to set as start up image that it goes wrong and i get the broken image symbol
  24. Customise Image

    Everything is correct apart from the file name, handbook says it can be up to 32 characters so I'll edit the file names and give it another go. Cheers
  25. I now have my Premiun nav connected services working and i am able to use street view but not Panoramio, and i can send routes from my portal journey planner to the car however i cannot use the online search feature in the car and when i go to connected services and try to select search engine there are no options there. Also i am not getting any service history showing on the portal and i have full Lexus service history, does everybody else's service history come up on the portal.