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  1. It's a shelf that sit inside the glove box. You should see "notches/holes/slots" whatever you want to call them, inside the glove box on the left side and on the glovebox floor close to the infotainment system. It just slots in and provides shelving. Hope this helps.
  2. @baviaannl yeah sure. There’s two videos: hopefully they’re helpful
  3. @baviaannl yes it’s very responsive. The picture was taken at night so it’s not as clear but the screen is really good for the price. Like I said the black bar on the right side doesn’t affect functionality of the screen. I’m guessing the screen auto adjusted itself to make everything fit. To install the screen wasn’t that hard. There’s a video on YouTube of someone showing you how to repair the OEM screen. I followed the video up until he started soldering the wires on the screen and used a heat gun to soften the glue on the old screen and lift it off. The new screen had double sided tape already installed so it was a case of align and place down. Then re-assembly.
  4. @baviaannl yeah you can see on the right side of the screen how it’s smaller than the OEM screen but all the on screen buttons still work and nothing is left ‘cut-out’ if that makes sense
  5. @baviaannl I got mine from aliexpress from this link: the quality isn’t as good as OEM and it’s slightly smaller in width by 1-2mm but doesn’t affect the functionality of the screen. The OEM was more matte and the aftermarket ones are slightly shiny. You want to look for one that looks like this (which is the OEM one from my car):
  6. Hi, I bought this kit a few months ago and installed it on my 2is 2007 IS250. So far I haven't had any problems and I mostly use it for Apple CarPlay. I tried it last night and it works with iOS13. I'll include the link to the article I posted on the forum regarding the installation on the 2nd gen IS but I'm yet to make a review on the unit. Ismael
  7. I have a Lexus IS250 2007 and I use Mobil Super 3000. It meets the Toyota specs
  8. I just got the digitiser in the post today so will hopefully install it this week. I'm not sure which ones are affected but its mostly the 05-09 with the [re-facelift infotainment system. The ones without the Lexus Enform System.
  9. @LEXUS-4-LIFE So far I haven't had any issues. I only use it for Apple CarPlay and my friends use it to stream YouTube videos to the Chromecast I installed into the HDMI port. The only problem I've had was that the heat last week caused the touch screen digitiser on the head unit to fail! A common problem in hot countries such as America and Australia. I've had to order a replacement digitiser from china as there weren't any available here so once its arrived I'll be able to take the head unit apart and replace it. Once I have the touchscreen up and running, I'll try to make a video on the unit if I can find a camera!
  10. @LEXUS-4-LIFE you don’t need any specific one. I bought the £30 1080p one from Google last year and it works just fine. In terms of the DVD button, it may be best to contact Grom UK and ask them as they may have more information on the matter. Yes you can control the cars touchscreen just fine with this system
  11. @Billnick I normally have my brightness set to the middle in which I can see Apple & Google Maps but yes any brighter and it would be hard to see. Also I noticed the mic has to be facing you as much as possible to pick up sound from your voice. If it’s facing another direction then it can be hard for the receiving person to hear you
  12. @Billnick that’s a very good point! So far it’s not an issue but I just wish it was louder. I read that mounting the mic there will cause problems. I’ve asked the people on the other end, and they said it’s fine. No one can hear any static or vibrations. Mind you, my car is on lowered springs so the ride is quite bumpy but even still, no problems at all 😄
  13. @Billnick I found it quite useful! The only issue I’m having is that it’s hard to hear people on the phone. I find myself turning the volume up to around 40 to hear people however they can hear me just fine. Apart from that there’s no issues 😄 I find myself using Siri often to send texts to my friends and wife and so far it hasn’t had any trouble understanding me which is great.
  14. I edited and re-uploaded the images so they should be visible!