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  1. Thanks Colin. I think i found the horizontal adjustment screw last time. i'll search again for the veritical one! Is there a way to download that whole manual online?
  2. Anyone know how to adjust the xenon's on a IS300h? I found something for the F-Sport but they have different LED lights.
  3. I took a long drive in the dark this week and i think the major problem is not the brightness of the lights. Instead the issue is that the aim is low and so they don't light up as much of the road in front as previous cars. I tested this with the i3 and IS300H next to each other with dipped lights on. The i3 shone a few meters more ahead, just enough to make it feel 'brighter' while driving. Has anyone tried to change the aim of the lights?
  4. I was looking for Crossclimates for my premier. They only do 235/45 or 245/45 for the rear. Would this work? I'm guessing 245/45 would be a taller tire.
  5. I find the lights pretty poor too. I have an i3 with regular bulbs which is noticeably better. My previous two cars had xenon lights, one was a mini with dual function beams like the IS300h. Both were far better. Even people travelling in the car notice it.
  6. Update the software. My 2015 was a big sluggish at times before i updated. Now it's a lot faster. I bought new maps on sd card from a website and that updated the software for me. https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/
  7. I prefer to have to turn them on manually, if it starts raining (not every day of the year), than panicking when they wipe across a frozen screen. I'm not the only person who drives the car and can't always guarantee that they turned off the wipers. Plus it's not the first thing i think of when i get in the car and shouldn't be either. All my BMW's worked this way and i prefer it to the way lexus works. Would be nice to have an option i could set to match BMW.
  8. This is one thing i miss about my BMW. It turned off the auto wipers when you locked the car, so no worry about this happening.
  9. If you find it aggressive then you are probably using the regular brakes as well. The car can brake while doing regen, it isn't 1 or the other.
  10. On my IS300h the lights don't come on if i lightly press the pedal and it's only using regen braking. Not sure at lower speeds when that engages the actual brakes, i'll have to check. In my view the regen braking is so slow that there is no need to put on the brake lights, it's equivalent of using engine braking. A driver who wouldn't notice you slowing down would either have to be very distracted or very bad and both should have no place on the road.
  11. Traitor!

    I see the confustion now. Lexus Ireland don't sell the premier model, they only show a 'Premium' model.
  12. Traitor!

    The Lexus site says it comes standard with a 10 speaker pioneer system. Has this changed?
  13. Traitor!

    I thought ML was an option? Not all premiers i saw had it. They all had upgraded speakers but not all had ML system.
  14. Wind Noise

    Mine has noise. Not all the time but a few mornings I noticed it. I found a thread talking about a bad seal on the door causing the issue. I’ll see if I can find it. Also hear a tapping sound that seems to be coming from front door but hard to pinpoint.
  15. Firmware

    And I was hoping the dealer would be different than BMW. Ugh... the same old overcharging... Anyway a fellow cork man. There’s not many of us driving lexii :)