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  1. I use the free version of PowerISO, it works fine for burning mp3 cd's, also always use Verbatim discs without fail.
  2. I was wondering something regarding the alarm, and it's barely worthy of it's own thread... does anyone know how exactly the interior part of the alarm works? Because I know I have a button to turn that part off (if you have a kid / dog in the car and still wanna have the general alarm on). But I accidentally turned it on while my oldest was sitting there, and unlocked it, but forgot that it'll auto lock again if I don't open the door within 30 s or something. But he didn't trigger it in any way the few minutes I was gone. Just wondering if it was just luck, or if it doesn't trigger that way.
  3. The Mark Levinson system in our RX 400h sounds absolutely brilliant. And I'm definitely what would be considered an audiophile, as well as a musician.
  4. Upgrading to the latest software is highly recommended. Original firmware is available at good prices on ebay. I did that first thing after buying the car and there was plenty of improvements, both in regards of actual map data as well as UI related upgrades. I was pleasantly surprised. I use it on a very regular basis in my line of work, and it hasn't let me down yet. I do have a TOTL standalone navigator from TomTom too, from before I got this car, and if need be I'll use both, but as of now that has not been needed.
  5. My 400h is a 2008, and bluetooth connectivity is flawless! Using an iPhone X. Pairs itself seamlessly as soon as I'm in range and the car is on. Only negative would be that I can't import my phone book, since iOS was barely invented when that tech was implemented.
  6. The best thing you can do is to take your current dvd out, snap a photo of it and simply find a newer version of that disc on ebay 🙂
  7. A simple ebay search should lead you the right way ^^ And regarding the update process it's as easy as changing the dvd, done!
  8. So, today, about 30 seconds from when I was about to refuel, the low fuel light came on. And I could fit almost exactly 51 liters. Conclusion: Since the tank has a capacity of 65 liters, the light comes on when there's 14 liters left. 100% certain of this now ^^
  9. I disagree completely. Having driven/been driven in SUV's ranging from Audi and BMW to Volvo, I can safely say that my RX 400h is noticeably quieter than any of them, by a good margin. And the RX 450h is even quieter. The only time I even hear the engine when driving is when I accelerate quite heavily. Out of curiosity, what tyres are you running, and at what pressure? Because that seems more likely to be the problem here... And I literally live on a mountain on the forest by a dirt road, so I drive on my fair share of sh**ty surfaces 😉
  10. Mine has done over 100k, and quite frankly, that distance shouldn't worry you with any proper brand. Most decent cars are simply made to run way longer than that.
  11. That's how I see it as well, my parents have a slightly newer Audi Q5, and while it's a lovely drive for sure, two things come to mind; 1) The Lexus is much more quiet, and that's not due to the Audi being loud by any stretch of the imagination, the Lexus is just super quiet, even when using the petrol engine. 2) The Lexus is quite a bit more comfortable imho, the seats are particularly great. The suspension isn't quite as firm as the Q5, but it certainly doesn't come across as flimsy, just a slightly more comfortable ride overall. Might wanna add that I've got a RX 400h, so I reckon it's even better in your RX 450h 🙂
  12. I think you'll find this thread, and the pdf in question, quite useful!
  13. Looks lovely. Congratulations and enjoy 🙂
  14. I thought the batteries were supposed to outlive the vehicle, more or less?
  15. Not surprised at all here. The car that our Lexus replaced was an Audi A4 1.8T Quattro '06, who has done over 200k, without any major issues, and is still running fine ^^ My experience, from quite a few Audis over the years is that they're very dependable. My only complaint is the price of maintenance and repairs related to wear and tear.