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  1. I disagree completely. Having driven/been driven in SUV's ranging from Audi and BMW to Volvo, I can safely say that my RX 400h is noticeably quieter than any of them, by a good margin. And the RX 450h is even quieter. The only time I even hear the engine when driving is when I accelerate quite heavily. Out of curiosity, what tyres are you running, and at what pressure? Because that seems more likely to be the problem here... And I literally live on a mountain on the forest by a dirt road, so I drive on my fair share of sh**ty surfaces 😉
  2. Mine has done over 100k, and quite frankly, that distance shouldn't worry you with any proper brand. Most decent cars are simply made to run way longer than that.
  3. That's how I see it as well, my parents have a slightly newer Audi Q5, and while it's a lovely drive for sure, two things come to mind; 1) The Lexus is much more quiet, and that's not due to the Audi being loud by any stretch of the imagination, the Lexus is just super quiet, even when using the petrol engine. 2) The Lexus is quite a bit more comfortable imho, the seats are particularly great. The suspension isn't quite as firm as the Q5, but it certainly doesn't come across as flimsy, just a slightly more comfortable ride overall. Might wanna add that I've got a RX 400h, so I reckon it's even better in your RX 450h 🙂
  4. I think you'll find this thread, and the pdf in question, quite useful!
  5. Looks lovely. Congratulations and enjoy 🙂
  6. I thought the batteries were supposed to outlive the vehicle, more or less?
  7. Not surprised at all here. The car that our Lexus replaced was an Audi A4 1.8T Quattro '06, who has done over 200k, without any major issues, and is still running fine ^^ My experience, from quite a few Audis over the years is that they're very dependable. My only complaint is the price of maintenance and repairs related to wear and tear.
  8. I've only had mine for about 3 months, but so far it has had zero issues dealing with life on a dirt road on a mountain, even with plenty of snow. It feels ridiculously robust overall.
  9. Nah. Mostly because I live in a very safe country (Sweden), and on top of that I live on a dirt road on a mountain in the middle of the forest ^^ And on top of that I've got full insurance.
  10. This has been puzzling me for quite some time, because I've noticed that while it doesn't burn through fuel faster than any of our other two cars, the refill light comes on much much earlier. Today I got "lucky", the light went on pretty much exactly 10 km before I was about to get a full refill. I got pretty much exactly 50 litres in, and since the volume is 65 litres, this would lead me to believe that the refill light comes on when there's around 14 litres remaining.
  11. For the record, I was still discovering new little features just a few weeks ago ^^ There's a lot of ground to cover.
  12. Congratulations, Rebecca! 🙂 We've had ours for just over 2 months now, still completely loving it! The wife loves it too 🙂 The fact that it drives so ridiculously smooth, on top of being fairly easy to handle despite its relative big size was on top of her list. Personally, on top of being spacious and just having a general quality feel throughout the interior, I love how it switches instantly from a purring kitty to a roaring tiger, if you floor the pedal. All while essentially giving me the same fuel economy as both our other cars (currently around 0.7-0.8 L/10 km (35-40 mpg), despite being more than marginally larger, weighing north of two tons and having 272 hp. It's truly a joy to drive. We're taking ours on a bit of a road trip next week, visiting my wife's parents, and frankly I can't wait ^^ Anyhow, welcome! I'm sure you'll love it here, it's a great spot!
  13. Noticed that there's some new functionality to this version too. Small things such as ETA listed (wasn't before) and the fact that I can enter destinations while driving now too.
  14. Small update, just got an updated map dvd for the navigation system yesterday. Old one was for 2016-2017, so not terribly _old_ by any stretch of the imagination, but there's been a few new roads built on the routes I normally take since then, so figured it was worth the update. Anywho, took like 2 minutes, and worked like a charm right away. 10/10 would do again ^^ While I might opt to use my standalone TomTom system for work (mainly because I can enter routes through my smartphone and what not), it's still nice to have the built-in one freshly updated 🙂
  15. Haha thanks a lot mate. ^^ It's been great so far! Thanks a lot, second child, but glorious nonetheless! 😉 And I certainly am, I've learned a ton of stuff already!