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  1. QI Phone Charging Tray

    No but I'd be very interested to find out. My phone contract ends this month and I've been trying to find modern phones that have wireless charging capability and will fit (< 140mm). There don't seem to be many. The only one I've found so far is the iPhone 8 and I wanted to stick with Android. Given that phones have been getting steadily larger for years you'd have thought they'd have put something bigger in the 1NX. At the moment mine is just a useless obstruction in the storage box.
  2. Snow

    I used to press that on my IS200 and it didn't work: It didn't make it snow.
  3. Which to choose

    Once got back to my car, which I'd left with no cars around it, to find a mum had parked next to it and had one rear door open and resting on the side of the car while she squeezed in to sort out her child. I had a small scrape on the car. She didn't see the problem. Why she hadn't just parked one space along so she could open the doors more easily...
  4. 30 years of motoring for me equates to Escort mk2, Cavalier 1.6, Cavalier 2.0, Cavalier 2.0 16v which at 4 year old had rust hole in petrol tank, various tuning problems and at 7 years Vauxhall said it needed new wiring loom so decided I needed something more reliable so IS200, IS220d, RX400h, NX300h.
  5. NX450h

    I recently replaced my aging RX400h. I wanted an RX450h but its too big for my garage so I had to choose between nasty diesel Q3 or X3, thirsty petrol macan or the NX. The NX is painfully slow compared to the RX but I've learned to live with it. It's sad that after 10 years of development the Lexus hybrid technology only manages an extra 9 mpg (37mpg for the NX vs 28mpg for the RX) in real life driving for such a drop in performance. Apart from the performance... ok and slightly harder seats and ride... I do love the NX.
  6. I had three non fault incidents with my previous car, the RX. It was crashed into while parked each time. (Sandwich van at clients office who drove off but was caught on CCTV, wickes articulated lorry smashed back window and bent tailgate while I was in halfords buying screen wash that I then didn't need, driver reversing up street with wife guiding him caught on my home CCTV. He tried to drive off but I had his wife.) In each case I claimed on the other person's insurance and they payed out. My insurance went up. When my daughter asked about putting me on her insurance for her first car (something we'd heard would lower the premium due to my experience) the company said the premium would be higher. OK with that many incidents maybe they have a point....
  7. My first lexus was hit by a motorcycle courier weaving around traffic. It went to court and the judge decided that on the balance of probability it was more likely that I'd changed into a different lane than the one that I needed for my journey (on journey I did every day) than the motorcycle courier had been filtering.
  8. From CT to NX

    Yup, I got two normal keys and one card key with my two year old used NX. The card is much less bulky and I use it all the time.
  9. Mine just had front dealer fit ones, I guess because the rear was covered by the reversing camera. There was a small switch fitted under and to the left of the steering wheel to switch them off. There was no link to the computer.
  10. If it has parking sensors then there would be about four round button shaped things on the bumper. What's the year of the car? Trade in for my 08 rx with multimedia and 92k was £5,850
  11. Connected Services Problem

    I'm at that stage too. I can connect ok but every time I want to download external memory points or whatever I have to log in again which is an utter pain. How do I get the car to remember the username and password?
  12. I had a messa red IS220d Sport or 5 years. I did have something, EGR maybe?, replaced under warranty apart from that I didn't have any problems that I can remember. The Sport has different gear ratios so the sixth gear is more useful as you can use it at a lower speed. In its favour the diesel has loads of torque and was fast and responsive.
  13. Oh yeah I remember stuff baby
  14. £270 for an RX400 by the way. (And £105 for an NX )
  15. The spare wheel on the RX400h is under the car. You lift up the boot floor and there's a winch handle under there that you turn and the wheel slowly drops down on a steel cable. The batteries are under the rear seat. There are vents behind the rear passenger's legs which help to keep the batteries at a happy temperature. (There's a warning in the manual about not blocking the vents with a blanket etc.) There is storage space under the boot floor. I had space for a bag of spare bulbs, a pack containing torch, electric pump etc, a wheel brace, golf umbrella, first aid kit, locking wheel nuts etc. The space can be used to store the boot cover out of the way when you need to pile the boot high but I never had space in their cause of all the junk. You have me stumped on the ASP button. On the RX400h that's where the button for the powered tailgate is. There were a couple of other buttons maybe for switching off the adaptive headlights and erm.... nope 6 years of memory wiped. Probably stuff that you'd normally want to leave on which is why I can't remember. Mine had a button underneath and to the left of the steering-wheel which switched on/off dealer fit front parking sensors.