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  1. Alloy Repair or Refurb

    ad id is 1286999345 if anyone is interested
  2. Alloy Repair or Refurb

    also found two aero wheels for sale on gum tree
  3. Same here I live in Northampton and my nearest dealer is in Milton Keynes,car booked in for next Wednesday 😊
  4. hi Normski2 I have the same sat nav(cddb) in my car, so is it dealer update only or is there a way round it, am currently running 2011 maps in mine,many thanks
  5. Good luck and I hope she passes
  6. Been using my local garage for the last 20 years,and have no reason to go elsewhere,they currently charge £54.85p or something like that which I don't mind paying as they do a good job, in the past have tended to stay away from places that offer cheap mot's eg Halfords,quick fit,in and out etc as they tend to find any excuse to fail your car( I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable about cars) and you spending money to sort it out when it didn't actually need the work doing in the first place
  7. Professional Detail

    same here Carl,hoping to pick up a few tips,as the saying goes every little helps 😊
  8. Is200 cambelt advice please

    The choice is yours really
  9. might sound a bit of a silly question but do you have your blue tooth on?
  10. Is200 cambelt advice please

    so its 60,000 miles or 6years whichever comes first with regards to the IS200 mk1
  11. Is200 cambelt advice please

    it was originally but then revised downwards to 60,000 miles or 6 years whichever comes first
  12. Headlamp Washers

    hi there's a switch you press it's located to the right of the steering wheel ( next to the rear fog light switch if my memory serves me right).You also need your headlights to be on for them to work,hope this helps 😊
  13. Is200 cambelt advice please

    To be honest the choice is yours,you can have it done or take the risk and leave it in the hope that it doesn't snap. I personally would play safe rather than be sorry
  14. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    I find them more than adequate myself however seems as though he's managed to convince himself they need changing so he might as well change them and be happy 😊
  15. l second definitely the Lexus over Jaguar 😊
  16. Out of curiosity how much did they cost and where did you get them from
  17. As far as am aware its usually only one locking wheel nut key,however you should also have the locking wheel nut key number in your service history book just in case you need to order a replacement,hope this helps
  18. So have I and yes Jo has definitely left
  19. Hello all does anyone know where I can get the two blue couplings in the picture(the couplings in the photograph are the ones in between the instructions and the chrome pipe) or what the part numbers are please
  20. F Sport Speedo Suspicions

    sat nav speed and car speedo speed are usually 4 to 5 mph apart irregardless of make of car
  21. lol,yes J.Henderson would rather have a proper full sized tyre(if only for the front)rather than an awful looking space 🚀 saver
  22. Just a quick question would the spare wheel well of my IS250 f sport take a full sized wheel/tyre ie 225.40.18 if not the 255.40.18 please
  23. thanks 🙏 for the information geoffish