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  1. lol,yes J.Henderson would rather have a proper full sized tyre(if only for the front)rather than an awful looking space 🚀 saver
  2. Just a quick question would the spare wheel well of my IS250 f sport take a full sized wheel/tyre ie 225.40.18 if not the 255.40.18 please
  3. thanks 🙏 for the information geoffish
  4. Thanks Linas was thinking of getting a full size spare wheel/tyre if only for the front
  5. Don't forget it is also a bigger and heavier car than the ones you are comparing it with 😁 My IS250 f sports does what I want in style and comfort and has the power if I need it,wasn't designed to be a boy 👦 racer car 🚗 anyway lol
  6. Xenons

    hi the front fog light bulbs are H11 and the full beam are HB3 not sure about the normal beam(mine is a 2011 IS250 f sports with DRL)
  7. Tyres

    Hi,are you sure the rears are not 255's?I have a 250 f sports (facelift) and have 225.40.18's on the front and 255.40.18's on the rear,apparently the wider rear tyres are meant to aid traction especially with rear wheel drive cars.
  8. hi,sounds a bit strange as you should be able to get the mot history off one or the other,if number plate has only been changed recently from private to original or vice versa it can take a few days.You can to a certain extent even check the mot on cars that have been scrapped or written off
  9. Post your duggets :D

    Lol someone has just opened a can of worms,there a time and place for everything,just goes to show what the world is becoming,culture of "I can do whatever I like irregardless of other road users"need not say anymore
  10. Lol 😁 not a surprise really is it 👌👍
  11. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    good at least you have now got peace of mind knowing it doesn't need doing for a couple of years 😊
  12. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Did you eventually contact the dealer?if you can afford it there's no harm in having it done slightly early though
  13. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    I until a few months ago owned a IS200 sports which I had for 8 years,had the cambelt done at just over 55,000 and then again at just under 80,000 miles as it was 60,000 miles or 6 years whichever comes first.However am sure someone on here will confirm that its 100,000 miles or 10years,whichever comes first
  14. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    just a bit of advise,even if it isn't,do you have any history to say its been done?if not its better to be safe then sorry and have it done

    congratulations well done,nice colour too😊
  16. used it on mind with a bit of elbow grease and mine came out okay
  17. aftermarket radio

    Good luck 🍀 hope you get it sorted, halfrauds are a pain in the backside at the best of times lol
  18. Denso hybrid wipers blades any day anytime 😊
  19. mine is a Microsoft 950 xl,not listed but was able to download all my contacts and also plays music off my phone via Bluetooth
  20. silly question,did you have your stereo and phone on?as one should be able to find the other
  21. As far as I am awake you need to pair your phone and the stereo(multi media) first and then transfer your address book / contacts,took me less then 2 minutes
  22. Spotted this yesterday

    Yes it does remind me of a MR2 but a lot bigger though
  23. Hi next time try the denso hybrid ones, they are excellent and look great too
  24. New Member - LS400

    Hello and welcome to the LOC,hope you find the club educative and informative