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  1. used it on mind with a bit of elbow grease and mine came out okay
  2. aftermarket radio

    Good luck 🍀 hope you get it sorted, halfrauds are a pain in the backside at the best of times lol
  3. Denso hybrid wipers blades any day anytime 😊
  4. mine is a Microsoft 950 xl,not listed but was able to download all my contacts and also plays music off my phone via Bluetooth
  5. silly question,did you have your stereo and phone on?as one should be able to find the other
  6. As far as I am awake you need to pair your phone and the stereo(multi media) first and then transfer your address book / contacts,took me less then 2 minutes
  7. Spotted this yesterday

    Yes it does remind me of a MR2 but a lot bigger though
  8. Hi next time try the denso hybrid ones, they are excellent and look great too
  9. New Member - LS400

    Hello and welcome to the LOC,hope you find the club educative and informative
  10. Rear view mirror

    if its bonded to the glass it means its glued to the glass,the only other way would be to see if you can remove it from the ball joint if you understand what I mean
  11. Tyres,choice ,brand price and performance !

    Hi do bear in mind that Toyo's are made of a softer compound and will there wear quicker than harder compound tyres
  12. Goodbye is300

    Congratulations 🎉 Chris,enjoy
  13. furthermore it doesn't seem to take a lot these days for insurance companies to consider a car an economic right off
  14. Show us your beads!

  15. Show us your beads!

  16. Show us your beads!

    mine polished
  17. Show us your beads!

    here's mine
  18. Show us your beads!

  19. Show us your beads!

  20. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    I know it applies to the mk1 IS200(as I still own one) but does not apply to the IS250 (also own one) as it is chain driven.
  21. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    it's 60k or 6 years whichever comes first and not 10 years or 100k(it was revised downwards),there seems to be a bit of confusion on this but it was originally 100k but later revised to 60k
  22. Howdy

    welcome to the forum,hope you find it informative and enjoy your new purchase
  23. Good,well done, better to be safe then sorry.
  24. l have to say Dougie I agree with you on this one