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  1. @Britprius are you at liberty to name the supplier of the tagged batteries?
  2. The sort of beep a large van makes when reversing so pedestrians can hear the 'silent' hybrid vehicle coming before it runs them over.
  3. 07 models and onward could play DVDs. For that reason I'm contemplating retrofitting an 07 cd/dvd player and screen (necessary?), to gain that functionality.
  4. I'm in the market for a 3GS, but the £500 a year road tax is giving me cause for pause. A bit like when your'e about to order several hundred pounds worth of kit but then seeing the £10 P&P makes you question the wisdom of the purchase!
  5. @Upex You are correct, theoretically the loss of low rev torque would still occur on a 450H but would be less noticeable due to the electric motor.
  6. I've used Tony Banks to replace the cat back exhaust system on a manual MK3 petrol RAV4. It was Free flow. Was on the RAV4 for 3yrs. Aside from the drone, the most noticeable difference from OEM was the loss of power/torque at low revs due to insufficient back pressure. In that time I've gone from doing 25k motorway miles a year to less than 5k. The lack of torque made driving the RAV4 more work than it should be, changing gears too frequently just to make progress. The benefits of the free flow exhaust could only be felt at the top end of the power band, which on my car is around 4600 rpm (over 6000 rpm on a GS300?). Problem is that my commute now consists of 7 miles of stop-start traffic each way. The chances that I'm able get up to 4600 rpm are slim to none. I went back to Tony Banks and had the free flow mufflers replaced with chambered ones. Drone is reduced and low rpm torque has returned. None of the above is likely to apply if you have a 450H but it may be relevant to the electric motor-less 300 or 430.
  7. @Farqui Did you get free-flow or chambered muffler boxes?
  8. Would you be so kind as to PM me the ebay listing please? Many thanks
  9. I thought that the only option was to use NGK Iridium spark plugs. How is performance with the Bosch plugs?
  10. The reason I ask is that I've long considered getting front passenger window tints. Even with the risk of being stopped by the police and being made to remove them. The ones on yours are subtle, so have less chance of the plod wanting to test that 70% of light is being let through.
  11. @Britprius Info on the level of tint applied to the front passenger windows please. Looks very tidy.
  12. Welcome to the Lexus forums olumite :)