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  1. At £995 for two years inc AA cover it is a bargain for an older car if you can afford it. I got my money back for work done on my RX350 during the last two years a warranty was available [up to 10 years] and I paid twice that sum. Also while warranty work was carried out a new water pump and vvti oil pipe was fitted by way of preventative maintenance at parts cost alone.
  2. Chris, could you explain how to obtain service history of your car from the mylexus site? Others would also be interested in this. Know it is available in the USA.
  3. How about inflatable roof racks? We used them for a couple of hang gliders on hire cars in Spain. Weight about 60kg. You might have to improvise something with the cradles.
  4. Was astonished to see the market capitalisation of Tesla is now greater than Ford. In the rust belt of USA they are being bought because they are aluminium. In California they now outsell all the luxury German makes combined. A new owner enquired about a service plan to be told, 'well we could grease the bearings at 250,000 miles'. I can't vouch for the above statements but I would love to drive one.
  5. How clever of a 1995 Lexus to have TEMS. According to Wikipedia this is a special microscope with instruments designed to allow operations through the anus. Presumably fitted for you to try on the a******e who hit you.
  6. The only good thing about air struts is that when one fails it is not necessary to change the one on the other side at the same time. As Phil says the others might last 250k miles. Apparently it pays to renew struts soonest otherwise violent motion can damage the ride height sensor and that's another £350.
  7. Some have had the devil of a time correctly diagnosing water ingress in the RX. May I suggest some water is directly fed into that sunroof drain to establish that is the source before attacking the roof trim. Good luck.
  8. Quick question

    The disc is clearly version 1 from 2001 and presumably came with the car, so it should work. Might be worth cleaning it and trying a few repeated inserts.
  9. Quick question

    Qamar, what is the date and version of the disc? Has someone inserted a disc that is too recent for the software to process? I might have a disc you could try.
  10. Tempted to start by with total incredulity at this story but silly not to offer unbounded congratulations. Adrian, please for the sake of the nation take over the Brexit negotiations.
  11. Jay, sorry to rain on your parade but water ingress can be a serious problem with these cars. Search 'water ingress' on here and be pro active to completely solve the problem soonest. At least one owner here had to renew all carpets. Possible suspects include sunroof drains, roof rail attachments, rear tail lights and in my case an ill fitting vent for equalising pressure in the cabin when doors are closed. Have had my '06 RX350SE for four years now from 30K to 55K and would not have anything else.
  12. Thanks Peter, Yours has for me been one of the most fascinating and informative posts of all.
  13. You only need to use a film of this product. I know bikers who just wipe over with a rag and a little spray. It will bleed out from behind rubber seals and cover strips but it does not harm paintwork and just needs to be wiped off. I also use the grease version to coat any vulnerable electrical components eg the ride height regulators on my air suspension.

    I had a number of MOT advisories on my '05 LS400 for rusty springs. It would have been much more useful to have been warned of rust to rear sub frame and sills occurring at same time. Springs can be replaced but not main structure. Worth having a look see and throwing any rust treatment at the problem rather than scraping an otherwise good car as happened to me.
  15. For the future you might want to consider a spray of ACF-50 around the rubber strip each summer. It will wick in under the seal and kill any existing rust and prevent further rust which may be important if the rust source is from under the trim. I do this around all windows/doors and deco trims each year. Please do not use WD40 which will promote rust after 40 days.
  16. Vasilis, make sure you actually receive the membership cards, I had to chase them for mine and then make a separate application for my wife. At first when I contacted the AA they had never heard of me so do not rely on a promise from Lexus.
  17. Hello Nick, my '04 came with the same combination of tyres although I cannot remember which way round they were. Although only two thirds worn there was tram lining/nibbling coming through the steering at low speeds [5-15mph] on poor surfaces. Have so far replaced only the fronts with Avon ZZ5s and the steering is now totally smooth. And they are quiet. Others on here have recommended them. Hope your LS430 will give you as much pleasure as mine has given me.
  18. Very well done Dale and thanks for the write up. Are these the BC coilovers or are they Lexus parts? So you removed the ride height sensors and do not have the warning light on?
  19. If anyone knows the minimum thickness for the brake disc/rotors on a 2006 RX350SE it would be appreciated, especially the rear discs. When I google this question get plenty of information but none of it is definitely labelled for my specific model.
  20. The most common failure of the radiator is the seem between plastic and metal which appears to be a weakness on a number of radiators not just Lexus. This of course has nothing to do with the ATF cooler within the radiator. Certainly any lumpiness of the transmission and avoid but then you would do that anyway. What is interesting is the coincidence that the A/C condenser has also been changed. If at the same time as the radiator behind it then why. Buying a car of this age, cost and complexity without a bundle of money to spend on it is always a gamble and for me the anxiety would spoil my enjoyment even when it is running well.
  21. This is the first company I know of to offer rebuilt air struts for the LS430. They are in Florida and sending your exchange part may be uneconomic but by it may still be possible to cut a deal with them,
  22. If the fuel tank had not been left full of fuel I believe there is a danger of condensation and corrosion in the void space above the petrol. Tanks on light air craft are best left topped off for this reason. Petrol over 2 years old will need to be drained and replaced. Perhaps the tyres are flat spotted but if now say 7 years old should be renewed anyway. Before turning the key on that engine I would want some expert advice especially about internal corrosion and lubrication after the oil has had so long to drain down to the sump.
  23. DVD Map

    From 'Address' select 'Town' and that gives a number of alternatives including 'Post Code'. It certainly is clunky and has long been criticised for not allowing the full post code.
  24. DVD Map

    David, With my '06 RX350 I tried your address and was successful by starting with the postcode [first 6 characters only] then chose List which included Milton Cambs. As soon as I pressed H in Street Name it gave me High Street and finally I selected 22. I always start with post code. Hope that helps.
  25. Please be aware this is not an official Toyota/Lexus bit of kit. There have been reports of similar interfaces being infected and doing nasty things to the car and laptop. I bought similar and had an expert connect up an old laptop for me. His parting words were, 'you are not really going to plug that into your lovely Lexus, are you?' Mine remains unused on a shelf. People do use them but I am completely out of my IT depth. I have been hoping to meet such a person and pick their brains.