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Being tempted to change the car yet again...this time the GS300 is calling :) Series 3 facelift version (the one with the indicators in the mirrors).

Has anyone please have a PDF doc of the main brochure and/or accessories available?

Want to source some mats, boot protector and if you can some mud flaps! Plus want to have a nosey to see what else was available...




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What a star! A big thank you Mike!

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I'm in the market for a 3GS, but the £500 a year road tax is giving me cause for pause.

A bit like when your'e about to order several hundred pounds worth of kit but then seeing the £10 P&P makes you question the wisdom of the purchase!

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    • By First_Lexus
      I had the genuine Lexus side protectors fitted on Friday, painted to match the car. I can't decide whether I like them or not. Part of me likes the fact that they break up the rather 'slab-sided' looks. The other part of me thinks they spoil the overall design and they aren't in line with the looks the designers intended! 
      Regardless, the car is parked in a work car park every day, so these are an essential to try and avoid damage. I can't see that any other members have these - thoughts? 

    • By andrewtayloruk
      I've just picked up my car (there'll be a longer post coming once I've got a few issues rectified) and the dealer supplied and fitted the rear dog guard (PZ483K212000) and the dog divider (PW2550E002). The divider splits the boot in half so the dog can occupy one side and the luggage the other. It attaches to PZ483K212000 which is the RX450h Full Height Dog Guard.
      You can see the divider in the image I've uploaded from Lexus.
      I was wondering if anyone had this installed already and could give me some feedback, mine appears to be too high up the rear guard, as a result, when I go over any kind of bump in the road, it rattles on the bottom supporting post. The supporting post doesn't screw in at all, it's just sitting on top of it and loose in the 'hole'. There's an adjustment collar that moves up and down the thread, but, this doesn't attach to the divider at all.
      I've tried moving the entire divider further down the rear guard, but,  at it's lowest point the brackets that fit to the rear guard can't be used due to the contour of the guard and the dividing bar.
      Very hard to describe, but, anyone who has one of these should be able to point me in the right direction.
      I'm not local to the supplying dealer or my preferred dealer and I'd like to get this resolved prior to the weekend when I need it for a camping trip. I've managed to find instructions for the rear dog guard on the tech portal, but, no fitting instructions for the divider which appears to be the issue.

    • By andrewtayloruk
      Hi all.
      I've been away from the owners club for a little while, after selling my beloved is200 against my will, I couldn't face the pain and jealousy :)
      I've just pulled the trigger on a low mileage 2007 RX400h, I've got my eyes on a dog guard (part number PZ483K212000) but I'm struggling to find the other accessory which splits the bootspace down the middle. I'd like to keep the dog seperate from the rest of the luggage (mainly the weekly food shop!)
      I can find the equivalent part for a 450 and the NX. I'm hoping such an accessory was available for the 400 also. Can anyone confirm such a thing exists, photos or a part number would be even better.
      It won't be an is200 but if I can keep my dog safe and travel from place to place in reliable Japanese luxury it's the next best thing :)
      Many thanks
    • By MayoDriver
      There are a few accessories (boot liner, cargo net, care kits) I want to add to my IS300.
      I have contacted some websites (Lexus UK eBay store, but none of these deliver to Ireland. Going to an Irish Lexus dealer is a last resort due to cost. Also nothing is advertised on the Lexus Ireland website.
      Have any Irish members purchased these items online?
      Also the Lexus UK website lists the exterior care kit and executive leather care kit. These are not available in the eBay Lexus store. Are these products good or I am better off with generic products?
    • By Swager Jr
      Hi guys,
      I rang up my local Lexus dealership earlier to ask about F sport accessories in the UK for the IS250. (Brakes, intakes exhausts ect) Turns out they know nothing about them..Anyone have any luck with getting F sport parts in this country and what it does for warranty? I asked the dealer what would happen if I got parts from Lexus USA and had them fitted here and he said it would void parts of the warranty, which surely seems a bit wrong considering they're official Lexus parts?
      What do you guys think?