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Is200 Sport New Mesh Grill Needed

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  2. It has the dhp pack so the wheels are original to that pack. it’s going g to be a daily or something along those lines…
  3. Hi Rich I bought them from Japan but they are 430 mats and actually fit fine even the drivers mat…I’d recommend going for these
  4. Hi Steve yes I did remove the four black wheel arch trims and throughly cleaned the inner arch lips and protected with wax. I contacted sgs to get the originals regassed but they were on the limit so bought new instead. the mileage is below 50k and never an advisory or fail which is quite something. the chap I bought it from did not want to sell it as he knew he’d be hard pressed to find another like it. A condition of the sale is he has first refusal if I ever sell it!
  5. You must have a good supply contact Colin most corsa Ev's I have so far seen are thick end of 30k?.and existing car companies have huge sunk costs in buildings plant machinery etc that simply just can't be written off just like that. And these companies are still making immense investments in this country to support the ongoing commitment to the ICE in addition to electric
  6. Still no info... CH are saying likely September. I hope that the car won't be waiting for some electronics in short supply...
  7. A thought came to mind. If only using ramps then to counteract the effect of old oil staying in the rear section of the sump place a plank of about 4 inches deep on the opposite side where the drain plug is. This is to make the car lean so the old oil comes out easier and also the high probability of 99% of the old oil coming out. Might sound daft but I've used that method many many times in the past.
  8. Isn't that just the way it was "sink or swim? Never was a better school than the one of hard knocks amazing what a clip round the lug hole did to focus on the job in hand. When I was learning to drive I had a habit of leaving my hand on the gear knob! This was cured by the instructor hitting it with a piece of wood 😱 Oddly enough I never did it again nor did I need counselling for the trauma of hurt feelings 😢 otherwise we may have ended up as cable knitters not jointers Herbs!
  9. I think you are referring to the safety plug in the boot. Make sure you insert it the right way and as you move the release lever the plug slides sideways to engage the contacts. Look at their position to help you see how the contacts engage. Chris.
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  11. Hello Sergio, of course, I am merely reviving what used to pass as an English sense of humour but I fear no more. 😭
  12. Lacquer is peeling all over from my Merc Malc. 18 years old and Red Metallic. I can`t see it from inside the car, so I don`t worry about it. Lots of tales on Merc Forums about Lacquer peeling from Red Mercs!
  13. I don't really understand this lacquer peeling business you know ! Mine's done 232k miles, been outside for at least this past 10 yrs 100k miles and all lacquer coat is seemingly fine Is it that panels have been resprayed at some point causing this peeling I wonder ... and mine is original paintwork maybe ! Malc
  14. I had to have the other rear arms cut out as well by another garage as nothing would budge them!
  15. just take care when you have them fitted .... they get demolished very easily ....... 😲 Malc
  16. I hope one of you guys can help me, some lowlife has scratch the front bumper of my MK4 RX, my car is white but the front bumper trim is a dark grey does anyone know the colour name or the code number. Thanks.
  17. Looking over the car I do notice that the laquer is peeling in a few places I had the roof resprayed because of this a couple of years ago!
  18. as " professionals " they should have had 'ways and means ' methinks anyway, done now and you're happy with the outcome, that's all that really matters Malc
  19. absolutely .. she looks a fine example ... are you going to use her everyday and thoroughly enjoy her or are you going to leave that to the next owner to enjoy ? Doubtless you will try to get an agreed insurance value coz if you don't and suffer the remotest knock / whack, however slight. she'll be a write-off to the insurers I know from experience ............ as does Bluesman / Mike now methinks probably btw are the wheels original ? not the same as mine, a 1995 car, but maybe they changed OEM a little later on the Mk3 Malc
  20. I had sprayed it with various concoctions beforehand but I think the bolts and sleeve almost weld together.
  21. they should have been rather less hasty and used penetrating oil overnight or more ...... when I had a similar issue with a wheel alignment company they got the parts prices first THEN decide NOT TO FORCE the issue and wallah ! .... next morning all undoes rather painlessly ...... and not expensively Malc
  22. Having had front upper control arms, front lower ball joints and front strut bushes replaced and rear suspension arms no.2 also replaced I decided on a four wheel alignment, so I went to Wheels-in-Motion to have it done having heard good things about them. Up on the ramps and find the rear is way out and the first bolt they try and undo breaks off so phone Lexus parts direct £460 for two rear suspension arms no.1 and associated bolts, nuts etc. Amayama £134.09 for arms and nuts, £27 for bolts and cam plates from Germany (Amayama stock arriving too late). Back on the train and back again to pic
  23. 100,000 miles / 120 Months page from IS250 schedule, and wouldn’t expect ISF to be million miles different!
  24. The 250 has an ‘inspection’ type flap that gives access to the filter, you don’t have to remove the whole underbody tray to get to it and oil drain plug is in plain sight!
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