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I'm a new-ish IS250 and Lexus driver plus a new rear wheel drive driver too.

I've noticed that the backend of my IS250 is particularly loose in the wet, so much so I have to go around a roundabout so gingerly for fear of the back end slipping out.

I can be doing 10mph, round a bend and the traction control warning comes on and the back starts slipping out.

Now this doesn't feel right to me (I'm no mechanic...)

Any thoughts on what the problem may be please?



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That's not right.

Was the road clean...or muddy. Farm mud from tractors can make a difference.

Are your tyres way down on inflation pressure?

Are they nearly bald?

Are they some cheapo budget make.

If i was guessing I'd say your tyres must be right down on tread. My old Turanzas were hopeless when they were nearly shot. They'd spin pulling a bit quick out of a junction. Personally I did not like the Bridgestones that were on the car when I got it. Have Goodyears now.....much better and quieter too.

I have to push mine to a bit silly lengths to make it slide in the wet. But then, I am more cautious in the wet anyway. But 10mph, that's really hardly moving.

Are you with Manual or Auto box? If you wick it a bit it will race thru the gear changes in the auto. One of the reasons you need to be careful in snowy conditions.

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It's manual. I Checked the tyres and the rears are around 1mm off the legal "bump" in the tyre. They are Autotyre on the rears - , (Pirelli P6000 on the front)

So I'm guessing I'm going to need new tyres on the back...

(I'm an ex-company car driver, hence the question...)

Is it best to get these online? If so where, and what should I get?



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Don't know what size wheels you have.

Could be 16", 17" or 18"

Judging by your pic I'd guess they are probably 17". Do you have wider on the back? Mine are 18" with 225 on the front and 245 on the back.

Ooh ........ now what tyres? Can 'o worms opened there.

Hope you get some other feedback.

I'm going to suggest Blackcircles are pretty good for an online search and they will point you to a local supplier. They have quite a range from many manufacturers.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric2's are sound in my book. Good for grip and quieter too (than what I had before Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza).

Read some reviews on different tyres if you want to research a bit deeper. Its worth it.

If you get the fronts done too then make sure you get the full geometry check done. Tyres are expensive so make them last to the max by getting them checked every year for geometry.

Hope you get some other suggestions.

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Getting tyres online means that you get the brand you wanted fitted when you want them fitted. Otherwise it can be hit and miss turning up at a tyre place and seeing what they have in stock (especially as the IS250 takes a relatively uncommon size).

Of course, you could always order them from your local supplier, but it's a lot easier to compare prices online, and they are rarely significantly more expensive getting them online (and often cheaper).

I've always liked Michelin Pilot Sport 3 or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2. Both are fine. I'm doing more miles now, so I've gone for the cheaper and longer lasting Barum Bravuris 3 HM, which are still acceptably grippy. I've got Barum's on the back, and Eagles on the front, and the car understeers like crazy. I wasn't particularly happy with the OEM Bridgestone Potenzas (noisy, expensive and wore out very quickly).

Agree on getting the geometry checked - but make sure your place does 4 wheel alignment rather than "tracking". A lot of tyre shops only have the equipment/knowhow to check the alignment of the front wheels, however the alignment of the rears is equally important for handling and tyre wear.

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you might want to consider some of the latest all-season tyres if you need to use it whatever the weather. But you would have to get a complete set of them, I think, on the basis that different types can't safely be mixed. If you go for ordinary summer tyres, the car will be almost useless in snow.

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