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Hey folks looking to purchase a second hand CT for the wife trading in her 2013 Fiat 500 street, looking at 2012 models is there anything I should look out for. I see there are 2 different dash screens one fixed the other motorised do they display the same info other than the fixed and motorised part?

Also is ther a life expectancy on the Battery?


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I have or do own 3 hybrids: a 75000 mile, a 50000 mile and a 40000 mile and the traction batteries on all of them have been good throughout. I have never encountered any problems with traction batteries; although i did hear that some Honda insights could be problematic occasionally.

My CT is a base model and only has one dash but the display alternates between ecometer and rev counter depending on what mode of travel is selected. Eco, sport etc.

I assume that the motorised screen you speak of is the sat nav/ reversing camera which may have been fitted on the model you encountered.

Regards, Geof

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There might be some issues with premature wearing of the leather seat trim possibly due to reactions with cleaning chemicals. Again, I don't know details since mine is a base model which has some odd looking but effective synthetic suede fabric on its seats. I believe that some people find the standard sat nav to be an issue in that it wont shut up easily like an accessory sat nav does. In fact, the luxury model sat navs get quite a lot of critisism one way or another for various maladies the like of which you can see on this forum. The earlier models (pre 2014) had harder suspension which doesn't suit some people, however, fitting 16" wheels with higher profile tyres goes a long way towards sorting this out. The sport model has even harder suspension but exactly the same engine power as all of the other CT models..... make you own mind up about that one!

All in all, CTs are good.

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Thanks for your input Wass. We are looking for something bigger than the 500 but want to keep the toys that it has ie leather media etc so looking at both se and sport models got my to look at an FSport tomorrow with leather and motorised display see how it goes.

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Hi and welcome to the LOC, we are a
friendly bunch and some of us even know how to pull them to bits and
put them back together again, with of course the one bolt and washer
left over.

We recommend you spend a couple of mins
looking over the rules of the LOC, we will be asking questions later.
I am no good in sorting you present questions but someone will be along
shortly to help.

Regards Mike.

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Don't forget they don't come with spare wheels. They are on the !aon a solid car with few faults. They will never have been raced or rallied so no issue with not being looked after. Still insist on FSH though.

Normal wear and tear items also need to be checked out - bumper scuffs, discs and brakes, tyres and general interior condition. My drivers seat has some leather wear but is being replaced by Lexus.

I wouldn't touch one with built-in sat nav. Updates are extortionate. I have a Garmin with lifetime updates for £70.

Make sure you list all issues and ensire you ask them to sort them out prior to purchase. Shouldn't be many but paint scatches etc are most common. Most tend to be used as company cars.

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Thanks chaps. Went and had a look at a 2013 fsport had the works but scuffed alloys few low down bumper scuffs as if hitting a high pavement and the biggy the mileage was high 44000 for a 2 year old car so I left it. It was the first one I went to view to be fair but I'm willing to travel if it means finding the best one for my money.

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Don't let the mileage worry you to much - mine was just over 2 years old and had 100K on it when I bought it. So far the only thing has been a headlight bulb. You wouldn't know it had done that many miles if it wasn't on the display

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If it doesn't feel right, its probably worth biding your time and waiting for right one.

CT's though are solid cars but still exercise caution when viewing. If you don't point out the issues on condition of purchase, they are not obliged to sort them out.

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