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Help needed!

I am in the middle of a TLC project on my IS220d (2007 140k miles). I am looking to get my alloys sorted. They are in a bad state as most IS drivers would be familiar with! 

I got a quote of ~£420 to treat wheels and bring them back to their original state. They have a full set of new tyres on at the moment. 

But I have been considering just buying new alloys and going bigger (currently have 17s). I have about £1000 to spend (including tyres). 

Here's where I need some advice:-

1) What size should I go for? Are 19s too big? I don't plan on lowering the car. And how do I know what size the wall size should be. For example I have 45r17s on front. If I go to 18s is that 40, 35, 30...?

2) Do I need to keep the wider rear or can I just move to 245s all 'round? Will the front take 245s? Currently 225 front.

4) Looking for a gun metal finish - the car is black - is it a good look? I know it's generally a personal preference but I'd be interested to hear some opinions.

5) Is the comfort of the ride affected much by narrower tyres? Not really concerned, just interested!

6) Is there anything else I should know?

I recently painted the calipers blue which didn't get much positive feedback from friends/family so I don't want to mess this up as well!

Thanks in advance!

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I had an IS220d Sport and that came with 18's as standard. They were the ideal size for the car (but for winter tyres as useless in snow). 

That's pricey for refin wheels - usually about £50-£60 a wheel for powder coating  




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Thanks Brian. Unfortunately I'm in Ireland where everything car related is a rip off. I shopped around and most wouldn't even quote because they know these alloys and won't touch them. So this guy can happily throw a few extra quid on the price knowing he has this market to himself!

Thanks again

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They look fantastic. Exactly the type I'd be looking for. Thanks for the links. 

The one thing I am sure about is the colour and now it looks like I'll go for 18s. I am a fan of the original wheels but the spokes are a little too wide. Decisions, decisions!

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The 'official' 18" tyre size is 225/40R18 and 255/40R18 (as per Owner's manual, P 385). The bigger the wheel, the heavier it is and that affects handling (because it increases unsprung weight) but most people wouldn't notice in normal road use. Tyres for bigger wheels cost more and last for a shorter time. Bigger wheels have shallower side walls and that affects ride quality and comfort - again, it's marginal mostly. (Although from experience of roads in rural Ireland, at least, I wouldn't want to degrade ride quality!) Tyre width doesn't really affect comfort - it's the depth of the sidewalls that does. (I suppose it can be argued that shallower and therefore stiffer sidewalls give improved steering response, but I think the factors mentioned above outweigh that). In fact, the only reason to use wheels bigger than 17" on an IS is appearance - but I know lots of people here won't agree with me, so very much a personal opinion.

I like darker grey - anthracite or gun metal. Refurbishers don't generally paint centre caps - you want the centre cap to be the same or darker than the wheel - careful brush painting is the way to keep the chrome effect logos - just find a suitable colour in a car accessory shop

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They do these wheels in any colour, very easy to clean behind the spokes. These are cast and used in british touring cars. Cheapest i seen delivered

next day. all the bolts are what i bought. You get some with them and  Spigot rings, i didnt like the bolts. Also they dont do locking wheel nuts

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I beg to differ john on weight these are twice as light as standard wheels. I run on a softer tyre goodyear and my car is transformed. What you say

about rear tyre width is correct for 8.5 rims these are 8j front and rear. Also mine are in metalic anthrasite and they come with black centres.

If you buy silver the writing on the outer edge is in black. { Team Dynamics Motorsport } look really nice. But as you say each to there own.

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Thanks Keith & John. That's some great info. 

I was wondering how the centre caps would look and should I buy new nuts. Now I know!

So now I have pretty much all the info I need. 

I'm now thinking of going with the 18s (225 & 255) in Anthracite. I'll keep you posted.

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Take care with the rim width. Keith is correct in saying that the 255 tyres which come with Lexus rims go on 8.5" rims. In fact the maximum tyre size you should fit to 8" rims is 245 and indeed 8" rims are best suited to 225 or 235 tyres. If you want to go for 255s on the rear as per Lexus standard, you should fit 8.5" rims - you could fit 225 front tyres to them. The ideal rim width for 245 and 255 tyres is 9". Lexus are skimping a bit to fit 225 and 245 tyres to 8" rims on 17" wheels - they'd have done better with 8.5"

They are also skimping a bit fitting 255 rear tyres to 8.5" rims at 18" size

I don't think there'd be an issue with fitting 8.5" rims on the front with 225 tyres but you would need to check - they might just foul the arches under some conditions. Lexus supply 8" front rims on 18" wheels Ideally of course, you would fit 8" rims on the front and 9" rims on the rear.

Re the centre caps - you may well find that the Lexus centre caps do not fit in whichever replacement wheels you buy.

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