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Well found, it does look good considering its age.



I see there's plenty of foks watching it...

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I might be tempted if it didn't have the EMV screen. I love these cars, an awesome machine, way ahead of its time and has a huge following in the US as the 'downspec' SC400. 

I don't know what the fuel pump ecu mod is, unless it's just been fixed or replaced. They work in 12 volt mode or 9 volt and are known to fail. You just replace it and off you go again. There is a temporary fix with a bridge wire to put it in 12V operation. 

The 1uz-fe V8 is around 260 bhp, feels more than that when de-catted so it might be as much as 280 but could also be wishful thinking, unless it has Rush headers. The seats are some of the most comfortable you will sit in, the mirrors are ultrasonic and heated. If it is the Limited model as the badges suggest then it doesn't have the active suspension,(it does have an aftermarket height controller) that's the heavier very rare one. Active suspension, 4 wheel steer and a few more goodies but disliked by most Soarer fans. I had a rare V8 limited without the EMV screen, there was a rumour that Toyota fitted some more aggressive cams to a few early ones. Mine always seemed a bit better than all of the others I tried and went like hell when it was de-catted but I never did put it on a dyno to find out. A fully sorted Soarer with a 5.0 litre ISF engine would be nice. 

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