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It's my first post here, so I'll start with a bit of history. I've had my P-Reg GS300 Sport for just over three years now. When I bought it I took it to Lexus for a service. They described two of the wheels as "square" so I bought a couple of new ones from them (8.5x18 all round although the spare was a 10"!).

Now I have one out of shape and one buckled again. Vibration is very noticeable in the 60-70mph band. I bought a set (I say "set", there are two chrome and two silver) of Team Dynamics Goodwood alloys (same size) and am looking to fit them now.

Does anybody have experience of these or a similar make? Is it worth getting the old ones sorted out to sell? I'll end up with 5 8.5" and one 10" in various states of repair.

I'm currently running Avon ZZR tyres which seemed cheap for a "proper make" compared with Michelin and Pirelli. Seem very good but don't go out in the snow! Have previously had Dunlops (not good) and Michelin (good if you can get them cheap) on there.

Many thanks - hope to help out other members in the future.

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